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Alright Chums

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A lot of you will know me from other forums or facebook, but regardless, a good day to you fellow forum dwellers.

I've been doing this peeling paint / lonely chair / gas masked poser photography for a couple of years now. There are a few clichés left for me to tick off, but that's forgetfulness rather than lack of opportunity.

I'm stuck in the countryside somewhere south of Birmingham. There are trees. I'm told it's lovely, but there's not a whole bunch to climb. Except the trees.

Here are some teaser photos. Without trees.

8538290655_62a37df06c_n.jpg . 8524273600_6c35bb7519_n.jpg . 8511666117_59e7899ee2_n.jpg

8508757687_30ce91c833_n.jpg . 8505761171_3ab86fc4eb_n.jpg . 8443365379_8729e270b2_n.jpg

8439894445_4b606fe2f8_n.jpg . 8432374514_c2ab11d222_n.jpg . 8357544284_e8afee4083_n.jpg

8070333838_592623c9c2_n.jpg . 7872965198_185d102201_n.jpg . 7507194428_a30128ef10_n.jpg

I'll whap some proper reports up over the weekend 8-)

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Jesus thinks I'm a cunt... So I guess you chaps have heard of me!

Thanks for the warm welcome fellas :thumb


I've had that banner for so long I don't see it any more! :oops:

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      I'll post some reports as i go but for now hi to those who know me, i recognise plenty of names.