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skeleton key

Urban Explorers - A day at the races. (Trapped By Guard Dogs

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Brilliant vid SK...You showed proper running form bruv and you get extra points for directing the team to go on ahead while you watched out :cool2::cool2:

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He was a total trooper ..wer in the loos while hes being savaged by the lovely puppy! it was like the great escape when we got out of there..."Scramble the cars...wel phone where we are to be picked up i heard" so off me and char calmly dissapeared to get the cars as the boys fled in all directions...sirens bellowing around us...:)

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Love how SK was directing everyone to escape while he was on look out! Top bloke :cool2:

Had a few hairy moments escaping/hiding and I love the adrenaline rush, but its also shit your pants scary! This summed it up nicely! Haha

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Seen this a while ago, but its still belter! Think someone needs to strap a POV cam to SK to see the antics he gets up too :o

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Guest Scattergun

This is the first time I've seen this. This is brilliant mate, absolute peach. I feel inspired to go get into trouble now :D Gotta say though they coppers are shite. That lad wi the dogs actin like a complete wean and has so little control over it!

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Hadn't seen this thread, it was an epic day, funny thing was that we knew that the dog was free roaming as this was a return visit


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