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UK UD Priest Seminary - March 2013

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The First stop on our Englandshire road trip, Scattergun and myself arrived in the late evening planning to do a quick reccy to make sure we could get inside, find somewhere to kip for the night. Working our way round a entry point which was viable a couple years ago, I clambered through trees and balancing myself at dodgy height with a heavy camera bag the route had been sadly sealed but low and behold a new point was right at me feet.

Once inside we decided to have a walk around the place to get our bearings and see any potential areas for some well needed sleep! The seminary isn't huge but is a bit of a maze once inside with doors leading off the main corridors we soon found our way around the place. It was soon obvious that there was a few places we could kip but it was bloody freezing and so many shots to take we decided to soldier on stay up (ended up being awake for 36 hours :cry:)





No Idea why these metal gates were all over the place considering it was the junior house of the seminary!



It soon became apparent we couldn't find the main goal of the site, the chapel, we had fairly covered the place getting our bearings. A quick stop was needed to try load up a map on my phone, to get reception I basically had to hang out of a first floor window waving my phone around like a idiot to get some reception! With the chapel found on the map off we headed to find the door padlocked shut, gutted!! But we adventurers were sure there must be another route, and a route we found thanks to the metal fairies, can honestly say I have never and probably never again enter a room like this! We were in, big thanks to Ninja boy for going first :D!











It was time to make our exit and head down the road to meet some amazing guys for a trip around a nice hospital!


Thanks for looking!! :beer:

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Guest Scattergun

Fuckin ninja boy yeh! :D These are much better lit than mine, I think this round's gone to you. Stunnin!

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Much appreciated, even was a bit more selective on my pics to try slim the it down :D

Fuckin ninja boy yeh! :D These are much better lit than mine, I think this round's gone to you. Stunnin!

Haha, I'll wait till I see yours before I comment on that!

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    • By crabb
      Built in 1871 but had been refurbished at some point.
       Now, I don't do heights.. So I was chuffed to see my mate practically run towards it in excitement and go first. It was pretty high and the grated floor was not ideal if you wanted to avoid looking down. 
      The tower probably stands around 40-50 ft but exact measurements are unknown at this point.
      Apart from the odd clanging of metal under our footsteps and how wobbly it was, it was a good first climb like this for me!
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      It isn't a new area, but it is a good place to get some shots. Feel free to let us know which pic you guys like!

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