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OMG This guy is nuts lol

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I thought you would after seeing some of the explores you have done lol. I don't mind heights but I would have to be harnassed to the hilt to do that. :)

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    • By Rolo
      Hello there folks, just registered and thought i should say hi.
      The name is Roley and living near Amsterdam. Started exploring 1.5 years ago, and have done some locations in Belgium and a few in The Netherlands since then. And hopefully many other countries to come!
      I have met a few fellow urbexers on-site and on Facebook, and hoping meeting some new friends here.
    • By JayB
      Just joined the forum so it's only polite to say hi and thanks for having me here.
      I live in Essex and I'm a complete newbie to this stuff and only visited my 1st place a week ago and absolutely loved it - I'll post my attempted pics up shortly.
      Looking forward to checking out all your work guys, meeting new people and exploring new places for this new life experience.
    • By SuZyQue
      Hi guys and gals, just to let you know I haven't disappeared. having computer probs and I'm no computer wiz, so at mo will be off internet until I get it sorted, at daughter's at the moment and on laptop, happy exploring everyone, be back soon SuZyQue:)