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Thinking of a new Tripod?

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I'd love to find one that does it all, folds up teeny weeny enough to go in my rucksack, that's as light as a feather, yet big enough to do everything I need it to and strong enough to be thrown down into tunnels etc, does any such tripod exist ?


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I use this 1http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-velbon-sherpa-450r-tripod-with-ph157q-head/p1000281, cant fault it, been dropped and chucked of scaffolding, in water mud.. You name it it has had it. But it is god damn heavy..

Think I am going to give one of these a go though http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250877448307&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en

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I'm a cheapskate basically, and I'm so clumsy I cringe taking my 10-20 lens out splorin. It's the only thing I have photography-wise of value.

As for treepods, I got this one, currently in Curry's for the princely sum of 25 quid if you order online and collect from store.



Max height 152cm, folded height 58cm, weight 1.38kg. It's a tad heavy and not the most compact, but is sturdy and takes my heavy Rupert with no issues/instability.

I've had mine about 3/4 months, it doesn't slip on portrait and it's not broke despite it belonging to me :) Does what it says on the box and I've no complaints :)

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Silverainbow have a look at the Velbon UT 43D ii its max Height is 156.5cm , folded up its only 29.5cm and best of all it's only 1.17kg , I was using the 34d for sometime with my D7000 with added battery grip and a sigma 10-20 and the tripod and ball head held solid with that kit , I loved it , but as I've just upgraded to a bigger camera and lens I'm looking at getting a stronger tripod because of the increased weight. the 43D still holds my new kit but it feels like it's right on the maximum limit of what it can hold safely and as my new kit cost quite a bit more I just don't want to risk it , but I got to say the 43D is a great tripod and I will miss it.

here's a link to it on ebay


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