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Whats in your bag? :)

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Just a little thing ive decided to start, basically Stick photos of your normal explore setup, (obviously hide the naughty stuff ;) )

Im sure this thread will help out new explorer's and also just to showcase any fancy things you may have stashed! :)

Well i'll the the ball rolling shall i?

Here's my gear, Stored in a Lowepro Flipside 200


LED lenser P7 (Torch)

1200 lumen CREE LED (Torch)

Nikon D90.

10-20mm sigma lens

50mm 1.8F Nikon Lens.

Yongnuo RF-603N x 2 Wireless Flash transmitters.

Yongnuo Speedlight YN560 (Flash gun/light)

Shoot Wired Timelapse Remote

4 spare AA batteries

4 spare AAA batteries

Sandisk Extreme 8gb Memory card

Nikon 4gb memory card (backup)

First-aid kit


Maps, notes, and urbex jottings.

Manfrotto 785B Tripod.

Generic Cheapo 3 finger Mountain bike gloves

In the side pocket i have a old soft sunglasses kit, which contains all my night/dark photography equipment including;

Smoke pellets



Wirewool spinny device



LED glowstick


And a picture :)


thanks for reading! Please leave your feedback bellow and show us your gear!

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-1x led tube light

-1x small led spot light

- gloves

- neck scarf

- hat

-Gorilla pod

- arm warmers

- 2x spare camera batteries

- 2x spare phone batteries

- Nikon D40x

- lenses - stock 18-55, 35 1.8 + 55-200 on occasions

- First aid kit [ not shown, pic was old]

- wallet.. with id taken out..maybe

- tripod, depending on site

- lighter

- spare sd cards

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ok heres my go

(left to right)

-black rapid sport 2 camera strap

-canon 600D

-blackup SD cards (2GB-16GB)

-backup battery

-spare lens cap

-lens cap (body end) for the 18-55mm


-canon 430EXII flash

-rubber lens hood (3 different sizes in one )


-camera remote

-useful bands

-tripod mount

-small tripod

-my holga lens (meant to be red :lol: )

-side mount for flashgun/led light


-led light for hotshoe

-backup battery clip using 6 AA batteries

-back up torch

-main torch (soon to be replaced )

-bottle of water

-rain cover for my camera

and my bag :)


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I don't really have a standard kit list, but here's some of the stuff I take.

Canon 450d camera with 18-55mm kit lens and 55-200mm lens.


Jessops flashgun

Fenix LD41 Torch

Energizer head torch

B&Q LED torch

Tons of batteries for torches

Coloured filters

Spare camera battery

Cabled Remote

Infra Red Remote


Box of plasters and wipes, just incase.

Spare memory card or two



Caving Helmet (if underground)


Probably some other bits I can't remember. Would take a pic, but most of that's still in the car after the weekend!

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I always take too much, but have been trying to cut down the amount I carry!

Lowepro Slingshot AW100

Canon 450D (upgrading to 60D soon)

Sigma 10-20

Sigma 18-200

Canon 50mm 1.8

Remote Trigger

Wired Trigger (for super long exposures)

3/4 Camera Batteries

Couple SD Cards

Lens wipes / blower

Lenser H7R head torch

Lenser P7

Cree T6 XM-L 1500 lumen Torch

Spare sets of AA's, AAA's & 18650's Battery

2x climbing slings + 2x karabiner slings sets

Horusbennu Carbon Fibre Tripod

Manfrotto RC322 Joystick Head

Couple metres of Paracord

Safety boots

Dewalt Cold Weather Thermal Gloves

Nitrile Gloves


Water bottle

Also have a Kata 3in1 30 backpack which is a bit big n heavy when loaded up!

Keep in the car or at home for more adventurous explore :

Battery Grip

Filter sets for the lenses

Redsnapper Tripod

2x Yongnuo Flashguns + couple cheap tripods for stands

Wireless Triggers

2x 72 LED lamps

2x Cree Q5 torchs (also work as bike lights)

Trustfire 3x Cr XM-L T6 3800 Lumen Torch for underground splores

Climbing slings

Karabiners sling sets

Rope Ladder

Telescopic Ladder

Safety Helmet + Cheap LED headtorch

Safety Wellies + ice grips

Safety Waders

Caving bag


Wayyyy to much shit!

Edited by Stussy

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Canon 5D with my sturdy 24-70mm 2.8 all rounder, a cheap-ass tripod, handy torch, essential anti-bacterial hand gel, spare battery and cards and of course an urbex packed lunch. I travel light.

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Camera Equipment

- Nikon D3100

- Standard 18-55mm Lens

- Battery Grip

- Spare Battery

- Wired Trigger Switch

- Adjustable ND Filter

- Tripod

- Lens Cleaning Kit

Other Kit

- LED Torch (Will be getting LED Lenser soon hopefully)

- Cheap Headlamp

- Spare AAAs for cheap headlamp

- Phone

Then if I'm going to be doing it, I'll have Wire Wool and the essentials for lighting and spinning it.

All stored in a cheap DSLR Bag, as well as a Karrimor Urban 30 which I also use for College, gonna be looking into getting a bigger bag soon.

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Ha ha- & I thought I packed a lot- compared to some if you it's nothing... My kit varies but in my bag at the moment is:

Canon 60D

Sigma 24-70 2.8

Samyang 8mm 3.5

Lumix GF2 & 14mm 2.5

Sony AS15 action cam

Loads of SD cards

Cree XML T6

Cree T5

Back up battery's

Wireless remote


Face mask


Hi Viz vest

Dust mask

Water bottle

That's about it... :-)

Oh and in another bag...

Manfrotto 190 X pro B

Manfrotto 804 rc2

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