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Great new format

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Guest Scattergun

You've done well guys. It's a thank you fae me too for the insane amount of work you guys have put into the new forum :D It's looking great and I'm looking forward to being a part of it!

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Guest Captain Slow

Another +1 on the like bus for the new look, cant knock the old one though as it was from 2008! Its also good to see things are picking up on here and reports & posts being made.

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    • By AndyK!
      Great Yarmouth, or more accurately just Yarmouth is a typically tacky seaside town with mile upon mile of the stereotypical kind of tat and tasteless amusement arcades you only find on the shorelines of England. The kind of establishments that have lightweight wooden chairs that only the elderly find comfortable. If you ever get the chance to visit, politely decline at all costs! We had the misfortune of accidentally finding ourselves at a lose end in the area, the terrible weather on that drab Sunday morning only added to the misery, but the Winter Gardens, by its very nature, provided a nice bit of shelter from the pouring rain and anorak-clad diehard candyfloss eaters... A relic from the heyday of the English beach holiday, it is one of the few remaining places along the seafront to retain any of the Victorian charm that (probably) once adorned the town. It's basically just a big conservatory, so don't get excited! It has a bit of ok-ish ironwork and that's about it. But, if you like wearing wigs, climbing on shit and getting inside stuff that you're not supposed to go in, then this place is lots of fun, a satisfying playground for those of us who, to quote Leicestershire Police, have "anti-social" tendencies.
      Visited with @SpiderMonkey, Brewtal and a crazy lady named Jane!

      I'm sure they are so proud to have this mess in such a prominent position on their seafront

      Over the hoarding is even worse

      Inside is a bit better, if you're a fan of lightweight wooden chairs that only the elderly find comfortable.


      I bet the old dears loved this tropical island of seats. "Ohh look Dorris, let's sit under the palm trees. I've never been abroad"

      It felt just like a real jungle

      Surely not comfortable? They don't look old enough.

      Beep Dop Bappabop (that's robot speak for "Hey there, let me cup your balls")

      Of course there's a bistro!

      Right, fuck this shit.... Fun time!

      Not bad for 20p!

      On that note it was time to find somewhere worth visiting... But even the KFC had lightweight wooden bloody chairs that only the elderly find comfortable.
    • By Dubbed Navigator
      As the title says
      Thought of it when I found a load today of explores I did years ago.A quick commentry as to why would be good too.

      I think this was my first trip to West Park. It had been started the night before in the neigthbouring park, progressed to dodging the PIRs and then the infamous MC hammer. Good times.
    • By Wevsky
      Right not much i can say about this tunnel it has some war time graphiti so im assuming it was used as a shelter or was used by ww2 personel .The tunnel it self is self has brick lined and unlined sections leading down the well,it goes up a fair way to what looks like a wooden cap at the top and the sound of generators can be heard,someone said they thought dumpy was above the shaft but we really dont know! right not many pics as it is just a tunnel leading to the well shaft!
      Right starting from the well shaft itself and walking back to entrance heres the few pics i got,special thx to frosty for leaning over the shaft with my camera to get the pics and also for the cave spider shot!

      And one of frostys spider..im calling him egor:)

      Right after that i did a return trip to st margarets so frosty obs and knox could get up the rope where the beach level is even higher pretty soon you wont need to climb atall!
    • By Shadow
      First report of the new year, and by gum was it worth it
      I'm sure some of you will recall the lengths at which I attempted to persuade my fellow Nottingham lad BravoZeRo to join me for climbing this.
      Not to be compared with the likes of that bloody show off Dsankt and his ridicules contribution regarding high stuff, this is a first for me...
      On with the pics, its basically a bridge over a railway cutting thats currently undergoing restoration.
      At teh bottom..

      Me getting my climbing fix at last..

      BravoZeRo touching the top of the arch

      Nearly at the top

      Up top

      Well worth the wait was great fun, can't wait to go back in the day
    • By slayaaaa
      I was up Norfolk/Suffolk for a few days and had a few visits planned, nothing went as it should and ended up feeling a bit rubbish. I needed somewhere I could sit on top of and relax for a bit. I found this and was incredibly glad I did. Sometimes you don't need to travel far to find what you're looking for.
      All fisheye, a bit gritty and a bit crap, but it was fun. Enjoy.
      History, present and future

      Then it was refurbished...
      ...Sort of
      £630,000 and they only half finished it?
      The rotting side is slowly falling into further disrepair and you get the feeling it's loosing hope, It shouldn't be red, it never was originally and it doesn't look original or as characteristic as the black side. Shame, Hopefully it'll all be done up and they'll finish the job before it's too far gone falls into the Yare.
      The visit and pictures
      So it was one of those weeks

      Had a crappy few visits that didn't go as planned and didn't quite feel too brilliant

      I'd had a day of fails and then missed the train I was intending to catch

      After many wanders I'd found my way back and took a rest, I couldn't relax and needed to get up somewhere

      Google came to the rescue and then there I was

      I needed to get to this, at least do something and then there I was, in the end the trip wasn't wasted

      It had a lot of character and it was a great night, dark skies highlighted with clouds and a pretty strong wind blew the bridge sideways

      I was in and it felt relaxed, again you sit up somewhere and it's all the same, big rush, then you chill at the top, the pictures are always different but every time you climb down, you want to be back up again

      The thing swayed like anything but that added to it

      It had character and for some reason it just felt good to be there

      It wasn't even high, it was just fun, like a climbing frame that had been neglected, waiting for some numpty like me to sit on it

      Even better, the public wandered below me oblivious, to be fair, I was oblivious to them

      It was just silent

      The fresh air cleared my head but the wind was as if you were even higher up

      I clambered down and casually crossed back over on the public section right passed the locals

      Then I got to the point where you look back for one more look and then onto the next

      No tripod, No light but luckily I had a bit of time and bridge

      The images don't show it as it's best but that's not the reason I climbed it

      It was fun

      And it was windy
      I hope you enjoyed!