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Truck Graveyard - April 2013

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Yet another little find i found quite by accident, loved this place. The old Fodens and Guy trucks were epic!

Splored with Miss.anthrope









Thank you muchlys for looking x

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Love old trucks, wonder if any of them will ever see the road again, I'd like to think so, but somehow I doubt it.

Nice pics. :-)

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Thanks guys, it was a epic find. What i was originally going to splore turned out to be trashed and this was right near by, so was a bit chuffed really

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OOOO I love old trucks and these look amazing, did you get any from shots inside the cabs?

Super set of pics Lara!! :jump

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    • By Lara
      Came across this field of cars after a day of failed splores, i was chuffed to bits. There is a history behind it but I cant go into to much detail, but by the sounds of it, it was an obsession that ended a marriage.
      It was a great mooch, loads and loads of cars, some older than others and none of them would ever pass a MOT again. But for me seeing Stasky and Hutch on the bus, made me a little bit happy!!
      Splored with Miss.Anthrope

      Thanks for looking x
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      Not a lot of story behind this one, just a heap load of classic cars amongst the trees on a plot of land.
      Some of them have been there so long that the trees have grown through them, many of them have rusted so badly that they have collapsed into themselves in a brown mess of paper like metal

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      Not really UE but I thought I'd stick it up

      Hopefully Jesus will put up his pics too, I would say this was a photography exercise, but it really wasn't most of the time mine was on full auto and i wasn't bothering with the view finder hahaha. Point and shoot in the most literal sense
      I'm still quite proud of the results...