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Greens Bar, Aberdeenshire - April 2013

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A wee solo adventure in the Aberdeenshire Countryside and stumbled across this we Derpy Yokel Teuchter Pub. Couldnt resist having a wee nosey inside. Not much to see but I liked it.

Did find a lil ole vets store, but got busted and thrown out by the owner when i was taking pics of Lambs Eyeball Clips - a more sneaky revisit will be made for that one :rolleyes:

This pub closed sometime in the early 90's pretty much guessing as the BT telecom page still had the numbers prior to BT adding the 01 to the area codes!

I've stumbled across many of these doorways in my time, heading for the lounge as your more likely to be served in there, bit posher ye know!



Inside the lounge bar head to the fire place and try to keep a low profile



Take this chance to warm yer hands n toes up before being caught and thrown outside!



It times to brave the bar person and get yersel a pint of Black n Tan (makes you grow hairs on your forehead); Always good to speak to the bar person about the lovely decor to distract them about your youthful looks!



After having a few more pints and the hairs start to grow on your forehead, its time to brave the Public Bar :eek:

R U 18 ???????



Once inside its best to head for a corner once again and try to establish a base like you've been there all night long!



Head to the bar and get a Pint o Heavy n a whiskey chaser



Thats when the antics start, and your mis-behaviour in the pub leads you to saluting the friendly sheep outside!



The lights are flicked on and off signalling its time to get the last round in!



Another quick Pint of good ole Tennants and Long Vodka for the lady (sheep) your trying to take home (or round the back of the pub)



Another quick hit of the Single Malt, and then.....



It all goes wrong and a trip to the bog to spew up the booze....



Time for home, probably without said lady you drunken sod :unfair:



Thanks for looking!

Edited by Stussy

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Guest Scattergun

And a merry time was had by all, except the coppers that picked you up for pissin on a memorial :eek:

By the way quick language lesson for all those on the other side of the order: Teuchter (pronounced choochter) - A Scottish countryside yokel. Often fluent in the Gaelic tongue, bearded and sporting wellies.

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Havin spent many evening in the pubs and bars of Aberdeenshire I must have missed this one lol :D

Cheers for the share


That is a surprise, but its about 30 miles north of Aberdeen, near a town called New Deer.

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