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The Billy Banks Estate,Penarth rear Cardiff..visited 2012

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I really enjoyed this explore wandering around this wonderful example of 60`s Social Housing,and it even won an award according to the history.

All demolished as of the end of 2012..





And that was the late Billy Banks

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    • By klempner69
      To some,this will be quite bland as an explore,but for me,my job involves working in and around social housing schemes,and when I heard about Billy Banks,I had to see it.
      This estate was an award winning project in the early 60`s,but in the late 80`s began to decline,and by 2002,most of the residents left leaving a few private owners to fight a compulsory purchase battle with the council.The last resident moved out in November 2011.We visited March 3rd 2012 and the following weeks,the estate was ring fenced and by July was demolished.

      I think you get the picture ok..the setting actually isnt bad at all..this estate sits atop a hill overlooking Cardiff Bay,so I would imagine the new developers will charge top whack for any new builds having this view.
      Thanks for looking.