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Feels strange to be writing an introduction. I guess a lot of you will already know me, either from Facebook or my Derelict Places days. I am Marlon and used to post under the alias mr_bones, I havn't used any forums in years but look forward to sharing some reports (old and new) with a forum which is run by decent level headed and like-minded people.


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Woooah good to see ya here mate! I just recently signed up too! Been too long mate we need to go on a mission soon :D

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As your "Uncle",can I suggest one of your 2003 reports of Cane Hill please..a lot of new explorers have only heard of the legend that is Cane Hill.Welcome to OS,and keep June 1st free okay!!

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    • By NatureCalls
      Hey, my name is NatureCalls.
      I love to urbex and I'm very friendly and helpful.
      I'm from The Netherlands and I explore mostly in Belgium and sometimes in France, Germany and The Netherlands.
      Urbex is a hobby of mine for 5 years now. The main reason that I Explore is for the experience. I don't take a lot of pictures and if I do it's with my phone.
      I'm looking forward to spending time on the forum! If any one has questions about me or locations in Belgium feel free to ask
      Have a great day!
    • By LetVan
      Hi just joined thought I’d say hi
    • By Dubbed Navigator
      Bit of an odd one, but I used a coffee machine today, removed the plug pretty much straight after use and got zapped by the bastard!
      It was of course switched off, but does anyone know if this is due to a faulty appliance?
      Don't use it so I'm not hugely bothered, may give me am excuse to get a better one ?
    • By Superully
      a beautiful good morning to each and everyone of you, let me take the time to introduce myself - after all, that's the way to do it, right?

      my name’s ulrich, but most people just call me "ully" - except for my mother;). i live in the southern part of germany, just about 30 km from the northwestern Bavarian border.

      i have been doing urban exploring for a good four years now, but until this year only very sporadic. after a tour through Belgium i was really hooked – as they say it is a true eldorado for lost placers. i have two buddies who accompany me from time to time, but often I go on tours alone. i have learned to appreciate the latter, because the adrenaline rises even more when you are in an abandoned building without a partner.

      i’ve been pretty active on social media like instagram, facebook and youtube lately, you will find my works under the name THE LOST PLACE TAPES. i have not uploaded every place I have visited so far, because editing the videos takes such a long time. i’m taking a different approach than most of the video guys, there are way too many people walking around with a gopro commenting as they explore the place. i’m trying to show the places more in a documentary style. and the good news is: although i am from germany and my videos are in german, I am ALWAYS offering english subtitles for my episodes.

      i hope I am allowed to do some self-promotion here, if you like what you see why don’t you hit “subscribe”?

      The Lost Place Tapes (YouTube)

      looking forward to meeting you on the forum!
    • By dubgav14
      Hi all,
      I'm from Billingham in the North east. I've been exploring for a couple of year with friends and also solo ventures. Pretty much got in to urbex due to my love of local history which includes the odd old buildings near to where I live. i got my camera as present and after getting use to the settings it has pretty much been used for urbex since. We have done quiet a few explore locally and a bit futher afield so will get the photos posted up for you's to enjoy. We have a few planned for the coming weeks and these with also be posted for all to see.
      Me and the lads have a page on fb where we put some of our photos for people to see called UrbexD3day, below is a couple of our photos.



      Cheers Dubgav14