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Hi All fine exploring freinds

Thanks to Nelly for the Invite nice to see lots of familiar names, faces people and places here.

If you dont know me , im a long time explorer, into dereliction and old and hiddent things, amature photography, heavy metal and rock and hidden things, moved to Sweden last year and live with DHX



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Guest Scattergun

Nellys been busy! :) If you like heavy metal, rock and dereliction then you're in the right place :D Welcome!

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Its my mission at the mo!!! Thanks for joining up fella, I've seen your stuff and I know you've got lots to bring to the forum :)

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    • By TheVampiricSquid
      Alla Italia was a health spa resort for the wealthy residents of an affluent town in Belgium. The building contains a stunning entrance hall with amazing ornate painted ceiling and marble columns, all in a classical Italian style. The facility is now closed, and ready for renovation.
      After a rather busy morning visiting some lovely locations, this was another one i was especially excited for. Once gaining access we started shooting, only to turn round and see someone with their face pressed against the window, camera in hand asking if I could let him in. Clearly another explorer, so I went on the hunt for a window to open and help him in. I opened one, not realising it was 15ft off the ground and told him to wait there whilst i found a lower one.. nah, not this guy. After some spiderman shit up the wall he was standing next to me.. a quick handshake & introduction and he was off to shoot in a different area than us. We saw him around a few more times, and soon enough we were on our way to the next location!


      As always, thanks for looking!

    • By glowtape
      Yeah, it's still untouched.
      After finding out that the Chinese still can't decide whether to buy this property or not, I figured to take a second look at this. Turns out that people have been recently gone in and out, so I guess it was my turn. I took my chances, because I didn't have any information about how to get in, but when I got there, the access point stared right into my face. Which makes me wonder why it hasn't been closed up yet.
      I was sneaking about alone for a while, suddenly creaking stairs were heard. Hiding in the neighboring room to the famous lobby, I see some dude running around, without any gear. Sweating bullets, he spots me, but turned out that he was another photographer. After he was done scouting the place, not even in a cautious way, a wild model appeared. Well then. While I was roaming around some more, the two set up in the lobby of all things, plenty of gear, including flashes that probably looked like a contained thunderstorm from the outside. So much for my crawling around the floor trying not to be seen.
      No one outside, passer-bys or those on the terrace on the other side of the street seemed interested. I suppose an eventual next time around, I'll be doing the bull in the china shop, too.
      Only thing that bothered me was the damn flower tub in front of the bath tub, that older sets didn't feature (to my recollection, because I had that shot planned out). Hoped for some super shallow DOF shots with my 50mm/0.95, but I didn't want to get caught redecorating.
      Full album (25 pictures):
      Selection of what's probably the usual suspects these days:

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr

      Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr
    • By The_Raw
      This is one of those locations where you walk around in sheer amazement at the fact somewhere so grand has been abandoned. I don't know any more history other than it was once a luxurious health spa. The entrance hall is the main attraction with ornate carved ceilings that wouldn't look out of place in a palace. That's not to say the rest of the place isn't stunning as well however, and I was surprised at the sheer size of the building. Someone (mentioning no names Rolf) accidentally overlooked our access point which led to me trying an alternative route and in turn piercing my foot on a spike akin to Alan Partridge, take a look at this video if you don't know what I'm talking about
      With a few texts sent to the UK for assistance we were back on track though (thanks for that you know who you are) and made the most of what daylight we had left. This was a really memorable explore partly due to a brass band playing a bizarre soundtrack throughout the trip. They were part of a beer festival outside and I will never forget them playing the Rocky theme tune as we entered the building! I want them to come on future explores just for that! SO much WIN!!

      My pics aren't the best but they'll do, what an awesome place!

      That ceiling, looks like a painting but it's actually wallpaper...notice part of it peeling away....

      Best explore band in the world!

      Upon leaving after the others I was a bit concerned to see flashing blue lights everywhere, thankfully there had been a mass brawl in the street so we weren't even on their radar
      Thanks for looking

    • By TrevBish.co.uk
      Hello, this is a closed spa somewhere in Belgium. The inside is truly beautiful and is going to be getting renovated in the near future. The ceilings are truly out of this world!

      Thank You!
    • By Timster1973
      Evening all,
      Another set more or less finished. A bit quicker finishing this set as I normally process from different sets of locations rather than concentrate on one. With Italy coming shortly, I thought I'd sort another location out plus I enjoyed processing these.
      Been on the tourist trail for a good while, I think it's been covered a million times (slight exagheration) but it was a nice, abandoned spa hotel in Belgium with the added bonus of a vintage and classic car rally happening outside so we decided to grab breakfast after we finished and watched the cars arrive for a bit.
      On with some photos.....

      Thanks for looking in.