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Before I go back to work.... -- May 2013

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Evening all,

Haven't long come back from a four and a half day Eurotour taking in Luxembourg, France and Belgium. Flying into Luxembourg before driving to a few choice locations then onto France for a few days and then the final full day of France, Luxembourg and onto Belgium before finally flying out of Luxembourg yesterday afternoon.

Just a few photos from the locations so far to date. I outdid myself this time with the sheer amount of locations (15) and the photos taken overall. Not like that is anything to complain about ;)

As some of you who have been lucky enough to experience some UE goodness over the pond, the places don't get trashed like they do here - there are some that are trashed but the amount of gold compared to proper derp is much smaller than the UK.





















Thanks for looking in.

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Tim thats super dooper you blummin storm trooper. Really looking forward to the full sets. looks like you had a fab time, and I hear that the weather has been great over there too :D

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i recognise some of them mate but i must admit #9 grabs my eye big time :thumb

Yeah Wevs, it was Bureau Central - the workforce were in as well as the whole site is being renovated.

Cheers fromn the rest of you guys for your comments. Heres a few more:









Thanks for looking in.

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Guest Scattergun

Outstanding mate! That shot of the central atrium and balcony is stunning :) I'm well looking forward to more.

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