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SCPA Labs, Belgium March 2013

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OK so this perhaps isn't the greatest Belgian location in comparison to other sheer epics, but the explore itself was one of the craziest I've done...also I was in for a shock as when plotting this on my map I realised we had driven right past it on my first foray overseas last year!

Picture this. This was the one day we had a lot of miles to cover, and the night before it had begun to snow. We wake up to a foot of snow in Liege city centre, the roads are crawling along as nothing has been gritted and we have to make a move and check out of the hotel. The outside temperature is a crisp -9 degrees celsius but with the added windchill factor is hovering around -15. The motorways were covered in snow, with only the middle lane open if you could see it at all. The high winds were whipping the snow into drifts six-feet deep along the hard shoulder and we soldiered on, narrowly avoiding a Czech guy who almost wiped out flying down the fast lane through the snow :eek:

After over an hour of treacherous motoring we pulled in opposite our first location, the SCPA Labs (Also known as 'Labo G'), an old agricultural laboratory. Off the beaten track the weather was even worse, in these vast flat areas of land the wind was blowing the snow all over the place and we quickly realise to get in we need to walk across a field with snow that turns out to be nearly groin-deep! This was pure hardcore exploring and sheer craziness on our parts, but what a laugh it was.

It turned out to be a nice place, a bit stripped but pretty much untouched by chavvery.





It was weird walking into this lab, as soon as we got in we heard a rumbling noise coming from somewhere above our heads and a bit of head-scratching later we realised it was the wind outside making something in the ventilation system above this laboratory work!









More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157633045729114/ :D

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Guest Scattergun

Real nice shots :) Soundfs like a pretty epic trek, glad you made it unscathed! Lovely wee splore this, especially liked the nuke juice.

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OOO you must have opened the Radioactive bottle? Another cracking location and pics Mookster, thanks for sharing!

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