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Fawley power station hampshire closed march 2013

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Odd how no such thing has been offered at Didcot A which closed at the same time...I'd be interested if it wasn't a trek and a workday!

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    • By anthrax
      Hello everybody.

      Today I want to share an especially untouched location with you guys. This resort has been closed since the early 2000's and has since then been sitting around in Austria. Due to its remote location, there was no vandalism beside two broken down windows. Originally, this was used as a rehabilitation center for the elderly, as far as I know. Also located on site are a medical facility for routine check-ups and dietary advice.
      I'd say this was the best location I ever visited in terms of how well it was preserved. 
      Full Album (Flickr): https://flic.kr/s/aHskMyQEbT
      Instagram: @ofcdnb
      Raw Exploration (YouTube) !no ads and not selling shit, if anyone is concerned with that, just sharing explorations!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odJKQwaVas0
      DSC_3688.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3690.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3692.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3697.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
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      DSC_3886.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3888.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3889.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3890.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3899.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
      DSC_3901.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr
    • By Gabor
      This hospital once was the biggest in the region, but since decades its empty, getting near to collapse. Location: Tatabánya, Hungary

    • By The_Raw
      Tkvarcelli was an important coal mining town in the war torn region of Abkhazia, a de facto independent republic which remains internationally recognised as part of Georgia. During the Abkhazian war (from 1992 to 93), Tkvarcheli withstood, through Russian humanitarian and military aid, an uneasy siege by the Georgian forces. As a result of the war the town's industries all but stopped and its population has since decreased from approximately 22,000 to just 5,000 people.
      Abkhazia is on the list of places where the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) advises against all travel. There is no UK consulate support if anything goes wrong so if you were to lose your passport for example, you'd be pretty fucked. With that in mind, and having read a few horror stories of tourists being aggressively robbed around Tkvarcelli, we were pretty skeptical about coming here. Thanks to some advice from @Olkka, who visited earlier in the year, we chose to hire a driver who knew the area well and we didn't encounter any problems. Top tip of the day - take a bottle of vodka for the guys demolishing the power plant and you'll be reet.
      Tkvarcelli power plant has seen better days. On the upper levels there were holes in the floor everywhere, hidden by overgrown plants and moss. We tried to be extra careful although it was difficult to tell if any structure we were standing on was safe. There were workers actively demolishing the roof above one end of the plant as well so we had to stick to the opposite end. Thankfully that's where all the good stuff was. The only other obstacle was the squatters but they didn't seem to mind us being there.

      Workers were sporadically dropping huge sections of roof onto the ground from above

      Much has been dismantled


      The Squatters

      Manoeuvring around this building was so sketchy

      These stairs were clinging on by dear life. We went up these but the stairs above were completely mangled


      Coal conveyor chute



      Control Room. Pretty battered but I loved it in here



      The central turbine. I may have got a bit carried away photographing this.









      It would be amazing to have seen this in its hey day.
      Akarmara was a nearby mining town. Wars and economic change have emptied the town of the 5,000 people who lived there in the 1970s leaving it pretty much a ghost town. Now it is estimated only 35 people remain. It's completely cut off except for a rocky road full of potholes that takes around an hour to navigate. On our arrival we were greeted by some strange looks from the elderly locals, although the local children seemed fascinated by us and one accompanied us for our whole time there. It's a very surreal place where buildings that have a light outside signify that they are lived in. This is to ward off any looters. None of the buildings look lived in otherwise as they are all falling apart.






      The train station has been completely reclaimed by the forest.

      This building was completely trashed except for one flat in the middle inhabited by a young family.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Stevepg
      was lucky enough to spend 3 days in the exclusion zone earlier this year; some shote within the former USSR "secret" Radar Station

    • By jane doe
      Visited here in 2010 nice little pumping station on Dartmoor .sorry about the rubbish pictures  .The pumping station closed in the 1960's.