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ROF F, Apr2013 - Pic Heavt and contains street Art

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For those who don't like street art look away now.

Not much info to be found on tinterwebs during my 5 seconds of reserching.

The site is pretty sizeable and bigger still before bits were demo'd and a big

prison built right next door (think the land it's on also used to be part of the

factory - but not 100% on that)

Nice relaxed mooch - stripped to just bare buildings now but still a nice mooch, several shelters

throughout the site and lots and lots of street art.


























As we were almost done I saw a figure coming on site in a white shirt .. fellow explorer ?

No two G4S seccas from the prison next door. . They'd noted my car had been parked on

the road for 4 hours and just wanted to check all was OK. On explaining what we were

doing there they told us to carry on and bade us farewell - jolly nice chaps they were too.

Visited with the man that some call ....... Zero81

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I used to feel like that ... but when it's on buildings that are middle of nowhere and/or are not going to be re used ...

I have done a u turn on graf from hating it without exception when I started UE four years ago to now loving any that has any artistic intent - still can't be doing with just scribbles, tagging n poor graf mind

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I really like that, the street art is really nice too! Adds a bit to the place I think, better than tags in my opinion.

Super set of pics and a great share :thumb

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graff and urbex goes hand in hand ....O N L Y ....I SAID......O N L Y when its done right im going to add a photo of a location i did in france last month before and after


Hospital Diablo before and after fame ....this is what happens when location details fall into the wrong hands by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool.., on Flickr

sorry for posting this on your thread man ....nice little report

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Totally agree with Oldskool on this one, some places just dont need graf! George barnsleys has been hit... Very naughty!!

That said... Crackin pix as always Judders!! :)

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Guest Scattergun

Place is a proper derp eh mate? Some of that graf though is quality. Nice wee set :)

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