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Bell Baxter High School, Cupar -(July 2010) May 2013

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Thought I'd do a few reports of some explores back in 2010/11 of Buildings that are now either Demolished or now not accessible.

First one is Bell Baxter High School which was in Cupar, Visited this back in July 2010 with Revelation_Space. I don't know too much about the history of this place other than the Bell Baxter High School existed on two seperate sites the original building pictured here which was built in 1889 and a more modern site (built in 1962 and gradually expanded since) just up the road a little bit both were in use until this one was surplus to requirement then eventually demolished.

Excuse the photography I'm a little apprehensive about showing it as It is not up to my own standards nowadays, I've moved on a lot in 3 years!

Since I always seem to forget external shots here is a street view of the building, although at the time we visited the lower windows were covered in metal grating.


After finding access which ended up being on the roof and through a tiny skylight on to a weak roof of an internal hut in the craft and design department we ended up with the first view of the school.


Which was a little dissapointing after seeing photos of this place full of leftover stuff which had been cleared out not long before we got there :(.

There was this funky looking device left there though.


Moving on through a number of empty corridors and rooms containing nothing interesting we ended up in the Gym Hall which was rather nice, wish I stayed a bit longer to play on the ropes really.


Quite liked the tiles in the showers


As we had a few more sites to check out we moved swiftly on to some of the classrooms, these were by far the nicest parts of the building. I assume they were the science glassrooms as they had gas nozzles for bunsen burners on the tables.



Love seeing black(green)boards in these places.


Obligatory cliched chair photo


Corridors were starting to peel and mold was creeping in.


All the other classrooms were just empty, however I did like this door.


Moving on to the oldest part of the building got a little strange, started of normally with this lovely staircase.


However on moving up to the top floor of this building things started to look a lot more like a house rather than a school. Not quite sure why this is I found it quite strange, as far as I know it was never a house but I could be wrong.


Fancy a bath?



And that's it as far as images go, we made our exit and found that getting out of the skylight was considerably harder than getting in. Especially as the chair used on top of the weak roof to reach it gave way under my feet as I was half out! Managed to scramble out with just a few cuts and we then moved on to fail getting in to any other location that day :cool:

There you go my first report here and I chose one of the most boring sites I have visited :D I'll try get a few more up when I have the time.

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Guest Scattergun

Good set of pics nonetheless mate, looks like my sorta mooch :)

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I love looking at all of the places that are gone or have been renovated, What a diary we will hold for the future.

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I love looking at all of the places that are gone or have been renovated, What a diary we will hold for the future.

Indeed! It's one of the things I enjoy most about this hobby. Sites pop up and disappear all the time, getting the chance to see them before they get demolished/gutted to become offices etc is nice, even if it does mean getting covered in pidgeon shit, breathing in god knows what and falling through skylights etc

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Nice set of pics there, sadly never got to see this place, thanks for sharing.

Sadly I did get to see it. :( You have done a great job with the pictures, I remember it looking a lot grimmer than that. Here it is getting what it richly deserved.


Unfortunately they didn't finish the job and the facade is still there.

I'm pretty sure the room with the drawers in the house-like part was the "rest room" where you would go if you were injured or took ill at school. Prior to that it may well have been where the janitor lived.

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Nice report Mole, remember Urbex rule Number 43 section 5a, always make sure that you can get out BEFORE you get in ;)

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Nice report Mole, remember Urbex rule Number 43 section 5a, always make sure that you can get out BEFORE you get in ;)

It was the day we learned that lesson!

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I went to Bell Baxter high school love the photos it was a shit hole then and by the looks of the photos still is even after it has closed, The photos of the room with the draws in isn't a rest/sick room think it wasn't used when i went there as a kid the photo of the corridor brought back memories of being shouted for running in the corridors 

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