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Just joined today from Tamworth and would like to wish you all a happy friday. I'm hoping to find and share some great places, and might even see one or two of you lurking in the shadows.

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Howdy doody!! my little clan was down your neck of the woods a few weeks back, might come back down soon, and you can show us where we went wrong :D

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    • By Baldrickthecunning
      Feels strange to be writing an introduction. I guess a lot of you will already know me, either from Facebook or my Derelict Places days. I am Marlon and used to post under the alias mr_bones, I havn't used any forums in years but look forward to sharing some reports (old and new) with a forum which is run by decent level headed and like-minded people.

    • By suburbankarma
      Been out and about to various places over the past couple of years but only when I could find someone to come with me.
      Now have a regular like minded buddy and we get out whenever we can. Looking forward to posting a few reports when I can
    • By nickynackynoo
      Morning All,
      been doing this for approx a year now, still learning as I go regards the photo side. Been on another forum for a bit, time to spread those wings.
      I'll whack some stuff up in next day or so.
    • By TCAKE
      Hi guys. Just thought I'd drop in a quick hello and thanks for having me. Ill get banging done work up soon and look forward to getting to know all soon . Take it easy