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Black Rapid Sport Slim camera strap

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This is a quick review of my Black Rapid Sport Slim (as pictured below on the left)


on the website (www.blackrapid.com) they say:

"This BlackRapid R-Strap is for the active photographer with slimmer shoulders. With an ergonomic fit and a Brad, the Sport Slim will keep your camera secure in any situation."

my list of the main pros and cons


- Is very comfy and spreads the weight of the camera nicely across the body

- camera can be taken of quickly via the Connectr (its called a Connectr its not a typo :D)

- the Connectr has a screw lock gate to stop the camera coming lose

- so many different models (even for people who like the camera hanging on the left side of there body)


- its connects to the camera via the tripod mount so isnt that easy to change from strap to tripod but they make a Fastenr-T1 which works with most tripods (www.blackrapid.com/products/fastenr-t1)

- if you have to run ;) the camera will swing and it is quite annoying

this is a video comparing some the models that black rapid make:

here are 2 of the better youtube videos of reviewing it (there are loads out there):



*(sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, im dyslexic :D)*

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