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Lad falls through roof at the Rank Hovis Mills in Ramsgate

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Hope so, I thought that the bridge was the worst part of the Ramsgate Mills, the rest of it seemed pretty solid??

Well it held me anyway ;)


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Nelly from what ive heard its not looking good..there was an almighty slagging off/debate on a fb page over tis and people posting videos up off access and glory hunting ..20 foot fall off roof news said can only be the lower part at the front i guess but it also said he fell into the building?fuck knows mate

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I guess news like this brings home the fact that you have to be careful out there, regardless of the exact circumstances, one false move is all it takes.

I hope the lad is OK and my thoughts are well and truly with his family right now.

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Ah thats a wank :(

Was he UE or simply a local thrill seeker mate, not that it makes a defference


Not sure mate i think kids of that age would find this sortof place a playground when bored..im sure a fuller story will appear

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One of the messages on the fb page was from his mother, said he was on the roof getting his ball.

yeah i did hear that!

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