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Hi everyone,

I'm totally new to all of this. Really want to start exploring but currently seems my friends don't (just yet).

Id be grateful for any tips really and where to go - I'm in the Cambridgeshire area.

Hopefully see you around.


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hello grace ..there are many resources at your disposal ,search Cambridgeshire in google and add the word Urbex to the end of the search term..theres probably people on here in your area aswel..try the search bar on the forum also see what comes up :)

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I'm pretty new and none of my friends explore either but there's some friendly people on here (as opposed to some other forums)

It doesn't happen overnight but I reckon things are starting to click

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Thanks guys for your messages and thanks jones-y-gog for letting me know that. Always scary trying to do something new. There are a couple of places near me so hoping to get a look round those in a few weeks. It's something I've wanted to do for years but been too timid.

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Welcome along mate, start with the Mullard Telescope, a relaxed walk in!!!


More fun if you climb it tho..

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Guest Scattergun

Hello Grace, welcome to the forum. As long as you're level headed and careful this is a really cool hobby :) There's all sorts of stuff lying about to be explored. Follow the guys advice, there's plenty of experience on here to help you out. Good luck.

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