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What Places are you Gutted you Missed?

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    • By Nwoodco1
      Hello, I just joined this forum because my friends and I are traveling out to Choke Canyon SP later this summer and I would like some cool/abandoned places to explore and didn't know where to look, so I came here! Hopefully you all have some good places to share.

    • By Ninja Kitten
      Never leave without bobbys splore food...cheers tink

      I even got there early to show willing.......


    • By 17smitha
      I am looking for anywhere to explore near the Akron Ohio area. The places need to have access points already created since we do not want to be breaking and entering. We are relatively new, but have gone to a few places such as the Akron Rubber Bowl (which is easy to get into, but has been vandalized heavily) please help me out, if you need contact info, here is an email address. [email protected]
    • By Urbex Ninja
      Not quite a website, but more of a Facebook that I admin.
      Focuses on Underground and Abandoned places in the Kent area.
      Please feel free to like if you haven't done so already
      *I don't own this page either
    • By SuZyQue
      Grangegorman asylum dublin:-
      Portsmouth submarine graveyard
      Darty owner of comet[electrical retailer] Spain
      A beautiful cinema that has been restored and was abandoned in france