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Australian in Europe, USA, Mexico...

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This is from a Cave Clan member from South Australia.

I’m not sure if anyone on these forums can help him or point him in the right direction, but his email address is nomadicgreen(at)gmail.com

Hey hey, long time no see... I've probably been long forgotten by now so let me introduce myself. I'm Damo (pseudonym redead), an Adelaidian abroad. I'm in France right now, today riding my bicycle from Dole to Dijon. Making my way in the general direction of Amsterdam which I fly our from to the USA on September 23. Will be riding from NYC to Chicago, then going thru Colorado and Texas for ~2 months til I hit Mexico and Peru for a month and a half. Then heading from mexico to LA over the course of a few weeks.

I'd love to meet up with anyone if they're gonna be around, and I can give slightly more precise dates and locations if u need... hit me up!

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Guest Scattergun

I think an American forum would probably have been a better call but I'm no too familiar with em..

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Opacity would be the best place to try as that is American, not too many continentals on here sadly, or members who can just pop over to mainland Europe for the day :(

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That's cool. Just chucked it up just in case.

I'll mention Opacity to him.

Thanks for your time.


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