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SuZyQue is alive and well lol

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Hi guys and gals, just to let you know I haven't disappeared. having computer probs and I'm no computer wiz, so at mo will be off internet until I get it sorted, at daughter's at the moment and on laptop, happy exploring everyone, be back soon SuZyQue:)

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Hiya, got a virus at first as I pressed wrong button or something, son-in-law sorted it at weekend, and it is 6years old or so and not on windows 8, went on iplayer to watch something made a horrendous noise and said it was shutting down to save damaging computer, then I turned it off, back on and it said to reboot with disk which I haven't got, been advised to forget it and get a laptop, so saving at mo for a new one. It's time I updated it, thanks dubbednavigator for asking, just using daughter's computer and this is playing up, I'm sure I jinx em lol, be back properly soon folks, and I can now use library but been busy working. Happy exploring everyone xx

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