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Castello Rosso, Italy – (Various times, 2012) 2013

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I visited this place twice in 2012. The first time was in the summer and the second in the winter. Like Non Plus Ultra (NPU) which I reported on, this is another abandoned castle. Although not as big as NPU, it still has an air of grandeur about it, especially the big, red room!

I took loads of pictures here, and I don't think I've fully done the place justice. I tried to keep the numbers of pictures to a limited number but I wanted to capture the feeling of this wonderful place - so sorry in advance if there is an overload in pictures!

History of the castle is a bit sketchy but as far as I can research it had it’s foundations built in the 1170, being mainly used for military functions and then became a noble house when it was then abandoned.















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Guest Scattergun
Beautiful looking location, great set of pics, shame the UK doesn't have anything like this! :thumb

There's a reason the UK doesn't have stuff like this mate. Well there's two actually and we've bumped into both..

Great shots though mate, fantastic detail in those ceilings. Think of the time that was spent on this place only for it to end up forgotten and derelict.

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