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    • By Discomental
      So I recently signed up here and I thought I should share some images and some stories about how things are done up here in Norway. If you don't like text just go down and you will find some pictures
      When starting to browse these forums I see 10 different huge industrial sites posted the same week in the same country, here you might be lucky and see 10 of the same thing on the same scale in a lifetime. Land is costly and as soon as something faced out of use it will be razed to the ground and before you know it the new building us already up, you have no idea how fast it happens here. However what we don't lack is bunkers, the Germans build forts along the entire coast, to cover every way in to the cities by sea, most of these remain and some are used as museums, some have paths made so families can go up and bbq on the top of the command bunker, but the most interesting are those forgotten in the woods, hidden and not visited often. 
      I will share some photos from my archives show some of the places, and share some history

      This is the kind of places I really love, an intimidation door into complete darkness, about 98% of all the places you go to explore, you will not see daylight before the day is done and you leave the spot, as of course the bunkers completely dark, adding to the thrill of exploring, especially as these places usually are on private grounds (those places in town of course) and people usually don't want us going in there in case something should happen, their property is their responsibility basically. This particular spot is the emergency exit from a German built communications hub for air traffic over the city. Where I grew up the Germans raised two huge u boat bunkers which served as a base for restocking weapons and repairs during their raids in the Atlantic ocean. I will get back to these u boat bunkers later as I'm trying to keep this short.

      Inside is the perfect place to demonstrate the typical spider check as they live in hordes down here, personally I suffer from Arachnophobia and I hate those  bastards, but i fast forget about them as I start to explore these places
      As I said this was the emergency exit as the main entrance is long gone, when you get to the end you are meet with this site, which to me says something really BIG ate the rest of the bunker

      Which reminds me of another place with a lot to offer a willing explorer who seeks it far out in the nothingness long the coast. 

      This is an old torpedo battery, also built by the Germans it served as defense for the small fjord, devastating any ship that would dare to sail. They built about 15 of these special batteries in Norway, I've seen about 6 and they are all very different, some left to time to decay but others used by the Norwegian military but eventually they we faced out of use and left to nothing, only the weapons where dismantled and the rest left for looters and explorers. 
      This place had me so excited only to find out that the main staircase had collapsed, 15 meters down I didn't risk anything, I had no rope and no helmet. I was unprepared but hopefull and I eventually found another way in, long corridors, caves, stairs and endless water all over the place. After a while I could see light further in the tunnels, this is very rare and to my great joy I found that the torpedo chamber had lost it's cover and daylight poured in. I sat down, put on some Pink Floyd per usual and had a smoke by the place where the torpedotube it self would be.


      This was one place I found while exploring the barracks and tunnels on my way down.
      Next up we had a hospital and air raid shelters for the workers and soldiers on the docks for the submarine bases. This is still has it's original paint on the walls, which grows beautifully green when it's lit, this gives some cool opportunities to draw! Along with those I will put a few more images for those who don't read and want bang for their buck!

      Shelter for gas attacks, the air conditioner was driven manually by hand, this is a Norwegian fort abandoned in the 80s 

      Staircase to a command bunker in a torpedo battery

      Unique location of a former anti air battery by the coast, one of the most beautifully located coastal forts. 
      Buddy of mine need a breath of fresh air and some daylight after hours underground
      May be some typos  if something is unclear I will explain! 
      And lastly, one of the few huge industrial sites (wrong category but oh well), this is the only photo. I put my camera on a tripod, set a 15 seconds exposure to test it and at 13 seconds a security guard walked into my shot as he had hear something, the light you see is his flashlight, I basically caught a picture of him catching us. Lessons were learned
      If anyone should ever go to Norway, more specifically Trondheim, I would be happy to share some locations, just give me a shout! I hope the post was ok, as I'm not very good with forums and all of this codes Hope you liked and look forward to seeing more what you post, I will continue to post as I explore more!
    • By Discomental
      Hello everyone!
      Long time member of the facebook-group but today it hit me I never registered on the forums so I thought it was time!
      I come from the cold north, Norway. Ever since I was a kid I explored the leftovers from world war II (we have A LOT), I studied film then went to photography and art-school and today I mostly do abandoned military sites, war battlefields & history - but anything abandoned draws me right in, you all probably have the same feeling
      I look forward to diving into the archives here and I will share some of my adventure!
    • By northerngeek
      I'd seen this place through the trees when driving by. I went to check if it was abandoned.
      I think it was a farm originally, then turned into auto shop/garage/towing or something similar.
      Several sheds farm style

      159 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr
      Walking up to the main house

      162 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      187 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr
      Lots of cars outside

      172 (2) (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      174 (2) (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      175 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      180 (2) (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      201 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      202 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      212 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      220 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      230 (2)1 (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      240 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      246 (2)12 (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      251 (2)1 (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr
      Kind of difficult to get good photos of the cars because of growth and them cramped together. Especially of this fella.

      259 (2)1 (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      253 (2)1 (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      273 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      276 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      285 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      304 (2)1 (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      310 (2) (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      321 (2)12 (427x640) by yippiyey, on Flickr

      324 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr
    • By northerngeek
      I happened to find an abandoned truck.
      Just some photos.

    • By northerngeek
      I decided to check out two locations that were said to be thrashed, destroyed, nothing more to see. There were threads on it on a local UE forum, describing vandalism done as soon as the became well known locations. Well. For the other location I agree on that. (I've posted another report on that one) But this one was not so bad. Probably due to owner cleaning out most thrashed interior, leaving the building ok enough. There were signs of severe vandalism, like most sinks and toilets smashed to pieces, some lamps ripped from the ceiling, some walls and ceilings ripped open, and such (what a thing to do). But it turned out a nice splore, a lot better than anticipated :-)

      A sneak peak of the view from the roof, just seen through the door. Lots of homes nearby, nice day, everyone out in their gardens, we did our best not to be seen, so we deided not to walk about out on the roof.

      Basement still with some interior and some thrash. And a room full of expensive equipment swimming in water and diesel.

      I just felt like posting the cleaner shots :-).
      There's also lots of rooms, basically empty. Several rooms with technical stuff. Some interior in the basement. A couple of kitchens. An office.
      To avoid getting caught we just took off, didn't get any exterior shots.
      Thanks for looking :-)