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UK Explorers Hospital North Wales, October 2013

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This now closed hospital in North Wales was formerly a workhouse that opened in 1839 and housed both males and females. Biding by Victorian values both cohorts of people were segregated in separate wings. The building was laid out in the form of a cross – there’s a tip for future explorers – with the central hub being used to manage the four wings. The workhouse was run by a John Francis, a man, whose cruelty knew no bounds. In 1847 a Mr John Rowlands became one of the workhouse’s most famous residents. During his stay there one of Rowland’s friends, Willie Roberts died. It was rumoured that Francis had killed the boy. Rowlands and a few of his friends did some of their own urbexing and took a trip to the mortuary. There they found Willie’s badly beaten body. Enraged, Rowlands basically gave Francis a good pasting. Worried about what might happen to himself for his act of retribution, he did one over the wall and went to sea. He went on to change his name to Henry Morton Stanley, and coined the phrase “Dr Livingstone I presume?”. The rest is history. Enjoy the pics

Although a hospital it has a few interesting features including ceiling lights


A chapel


some murals


enter the Land of Narnia....


...which was apparently the NHS' attempt to income generate....


There's lots of theatres too....


.....showing the NHS version of Oz


And if it all got too much for you they had even put in some japanese style hotel rooms


Sadly the income strategy failed and the hospital was forced to buy cheaper items for operations....


After complaints of painful invasive eye procedures the hospital closed, and like so many of our beautiful historical buildings, it now is going into rapid decay..


Hope you enjoyed this little tour. On that note, it's goodnight from me, and goodnight from him


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just need to produce better images - better composition, (better) tripod (please santa), less white, lower ISO, slower shutter speeds, better bracketing - if only I could find the personal settings on this effin Canon, and metering system. Oh and more time. One day, one day......

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Looks a brilliant explore, I love hospitals! I got my first Canon dslr back in February ish, took me a while to get my head round settings and stuff, but I'm getting there so keep practising :)

Pics are nice and it's about the explore and having fun anyway :) Fab report, cheers :thumb

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