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Château du procureur (12/2013)

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Built around 1820 on the foundations of a 17th century manor, the castle named “château du procureur” dark into oblivion. According to local rumors, the last use of the castle dates back to the German occupation. The outside of little interest (a box of sugar on the slice with a roof), we go straight inside..

It was cool in the morning of the visit and frost clouds windows.

  1. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-19.jpg

  2. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-1.jpg

  3. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-8.jpg

  4. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-12.jpg

  5. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-14.jpg

  6. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-7.jpg

  7. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_pano_-1.jpg

  8. normal_chateau_du_procureur_-_-13.jpg

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