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Old Lier Mental Hospital. 2nd visit. Building A & E. Jan 2014 (okt 2013)

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My 2nd visit to the abandoned buildings of Lier Mental Hospital.

Our plan was to explore building A. That was the most visited building, and also the most thrashed. My fellow splorer had been there many times. On my first visit there we were in building A at night, basically walking through. There had been a fire, several rooms burned. Lots of grafitti. I was really looking foreward to see it in daylight and get some shots.

Upon arrival we found they had started demolition. Most of building A gone. The iconic wall, first thing you'd see when going sploring, was still standing:


IMG_3170 (2) (800x533) by yippiyey, on Flickr

Good bye, building A.

We walked around the biulding to see the demolition work. In the forest we found this:


IMG_3192 (2) (533x800) by yippiyey, on Flickr

According to my fellow splorer it is actually a cage for patients 'where they could calm down away from the others'.

Our plan B was to go do some photo geekery in building E. After seeing it on my first visit I had lots of ideas. And, of course, I ended up doing some architecture shots too.

Building E:


IMG_3211 (2) (800x533) by yippiyey, on Flickr


IMG_3220 (2) (533x800) by yippiyey, on Flickr


IMG_3229 (2) (533x800) by yippiyey, on Flickr


IMG_3234 (2) (800x533) by yippiyey, on Flickr


IMG_3529 (2) (800x533) by yippiyey, on Flickr


IMG_3688 (2) (533x800) by yippiyey, on Flickr

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    • By peanutbutter_crackers
      I was suppose to visit this location with several friends 7 yrs ago but it got cancelled and I don't recall why. Then shortly after people were getting arrested here and it was off the list by most explorers. A couple years ago photos started popping up from here so I planned a visit. The only bad part was I no longer lived a couple hours away and was now about 7 so it was quite a trip. I managed to get here twice thankfully and these photos are from both trips. It's a very old campus which was started in 1828 for the rich mentally ill and other buildings were built as time progressed. For a time they practiced eugenics here which then became outlawed.  The  asylum closed in the 70's  and was vacant till years later when a few of of the buildings were used as a medium- security prison.  It was then sold to a developer who has converted  several of the buildings to apartments and continues to do so.  This place is most known for it's lovely spiral staircase in the admin building. It seems most come here , shoot that and leave.....but there's so much more here that is photo worthy in that building as well as the others. It's impossible to walk quietly in here as the old wooden floors creak with every step...it was really annoying trying to be stealthy. Also a lot of the floors and walls are leaning so badly that at times it felt like you were in a fun house with the odd angles. However having said that everything is in excellent condition here with only a few minor areas with some water/weather damage. Side note the patient cemetery is also located on the grounds which is in this set.

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