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Hi from Thanet

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I'm from the Thanet area and I've already found a couple of sites that I want to visit, so I will get some reports up soon!

A few words about me ... I'm an amateur writer, a business owner and I often pick the strings of an ol' guitar.

Looking forward to doing some exploring and making some new friends!


RAM_TBO :thumb

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Yeah, I see a few odd bits here and there but I'm sure there is a lot more than my untrained eye currently sees!

I saw a report about the '6 mile tunnel' (I think it was called that) which has an entrance from Honeysuckle Rd, Ramsgate. Well, I live right by there and there is an entrance in one of the gardens and from the old ruined grounds in the area. Would be great to get a look down there one day (not that I would go into someones garden without their explicit permission) as the tunnel network has always fascinated me!

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Six mile mine mate yes,and if you ask nicely they will probably let you in,as for the ruined grounds round the back of the doctors there is a few small chalk bits but not an entrance to the mine itself,oh and its not six miles im afraid but worth a look if you get chance ;)

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Thanks for the reply, Wevsky.

I will have to investigate further.

Just had a quick look through your 'blog thingy' and the images are great! Very inspiring! :thumb

EDIT: Thanks for the welcome, Stussy!

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Thanks for the reply, Wevsky.

I will have to investigate further.

Just had a quick look through your 'blog thingy' and the images are great! Very inspiring! :thumb

there may be some bits from thanet on my blog from a while back..the earlier back you go the worse the images get ;)

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    • By Space Invader
      Found this place a ltttle disappointing to start with many of the rooms were plain white wash shells but then i found the staircase. Which made up for what the rest of the place lacked right on with the pics ...
      a little history...
      Thanet Place was a large mansion with gardens overlooking the sea, previously owned by the “Beef Baron�, Sir Edmund Vesty, which was 400 yards away from the old home. This catered for 24 residential & 20 day care children. All the suitable furniture & fittings were bought to the new house, even the memorial clock which ticked away for many years in the entrance hall of the old St Marys, was given pride of place in the new entrance hall. Though considerably smaller the new premises even had its own chapel.
      in 1982 Kent County Council withdrew its financial support for the Home claiming that at £1,600 per week it was too expensive to use, & refused to send anymore children there. A massive protest campaign to save St Marys from closure was backed by the Archbishop & Dean of Canterbury, the Bishops of Maidstone & Dover, plus social workers & head teachers, all supported by a petition of 4,000 signatures. Even the Queen Mother expressed sympathy in a letter, but St Marys finally closed in 1983, & downsized once again, and the house was made into an old peoples home ...

      thanks for looking
    • By PowerSurge
      After seeing a previous post on Broken Britain and living not a million miles away from the site I decided to visit with Trench as back up.
      It was most def a creepy place and it has fallen into disrepair. It is a lovely looking building but the atmosphere inside was not right. Creepy to say the least
      (I had originally posted this report on BB as a reply ro Trench's report)
      The view from the Car Park

      The back of the pub, looking up from what is left of the garden. Most of the tiles have fallen of the roof on this part of the pub and has had a serious effect on the inside esp upstairs

      A very sorry looking seat

      Inside the pub was in a bad way
      The old Kitchen?

      What is left of the stairs

      Would love to have looked up there but the celling above us was full of holes and you could see day light through some of the holes. Anyway the floor we where walking on was in a bad way as it was.

      Down to the cellar?

      Walking to the Bars we had to walk over this door, it nearly gave way under me, and there isnt much floor left underneath

      What is left of the Bars

      Anyone for the loo?

      After hearing what trench thought was a door shutting we decided to go outside. We both took a shot of this window and noticed what looked like a light on inside, I was getting spooked

      Leading down to the cellar, by this time the atmosphere inside the Duke had got to me and I didnt want to go down there.

      Call me a wimp or a woos, but the pub had an unpleasant feel inside and I certainally didnt feel safe but after going outside the atmosphere improved and I could have stayed there for hours taken pics from outside

      This place certainally gave me the creeps. What a great explore, even though we couldnt get upstairs
    • By Frosty
      Visited with various people along the way, but always with Fortknox0 and most of the time with obscurity, it was fun cracking these and a great sense of achievement once all three were done! . The three plants are all connected by pipes and tunnels....I think, and all play a part in the treatment and release into the sea (foreness) of thanets sewage! YUM! The smell of victory! .
      So first up was Joss bay pumping station:

      Beast of a genny!

      Part of the control gear

      I NEED to get back in this room with a fisheye!!

      Then we went for foreness

      And then the final site, Wetherlees, all above ground, and always seemed to be raining when we went!! :@

      The richborough chimneys in the background there

      All of the sites are at some point connected by tunnels like this that make for an interesting night out!

      Shame really, back when I was a naughty graffiti school boy we gained access to these tunnels, with the strip lights in and a little railway down it presumably for tools, if only I had a camera and the interest back then.......DAMN!!
      Thanks for looking, Frosty.
    • By Space Invader
      visited with obscurity and wevsky
      Big to obscurity for showing us this the only history found on this place is taken from a piece of graffiti found in the tunnel .The graffiti reads J.E. PENGELLY 2nd battalion W.R.R NOV-17.
      They are the west riding regiment, the duke of wellingtons private battalion that were used as reserves for our army along the kent coast line. They were based at coastal defence shelters along the coast. This is an example of one used during WW1....
      on with the pics ..

      Thanks for looking
    • By Space Invader
      Just to say Hi, I'm new to the forum, I've been out exploring a few places now and thought I should introduce myself and get some reports up