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I'm realising there's a lot of ue stuff happening on Facebook. (The Oblivion State Facebook Group is quite fantastic :-) )

So there's a lot of fun to gain by posting ue reports and photos on Facebook. (Obviously)


If I post ue reports from a profile with my real name I'll be sort of documenting my own crimes, right? Yet I see quite a few seems to do so. Anyone of you ever get in trouble for it?

If I post on Facebook, or post links on Facebook, I give Facebook "a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use..." (According to their terms of use) And I don't want that. And yet I see a lot of pro photographers etc post stuff there. Are they ok with giving away license for their work? Or is it so much to gain from posting there that it's worth it? Probably, I guess. Or maybe many just doesn't think about it?

Have anyone found their works sold off? It's a risk vs gain assessment thingy, I guess, where the chance to show people your works goes along with the risk of expliotation of it. And it seems lots of folks thinks it's worth the risk. Maybe it's just me being odd.

I would like to hear you thoughts on this.

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We are not criminals though, and I watermark my pics, simpe enough to do. If someone wants to steal your pic they will.

Also if you are worried about posting from your real name, make a profile for Northerngeek, and post from that. :thumb

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Yes, I'm thinking of making an ue and photo profile and watermarking photos I post. It's quite likely I'll end up doing that. Just thinking about what to do before I decide I guess :-)

About the criminal thing. Many of the sites aren't completely legal to enter, I think...? So I thought posting photos from there is a sort of documenting break in thing? If someone decides to make trouble. But it doesn't really seem like people get in trouble for it.

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Different countries have different definitions in law of what constitutes 'breaking and entering'/trespass, I've always posted stuff up on my regular profile for the 5 years I've been involved in this and never had any issue with anyone 'official'.

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regardless of what you think your picture is your copyright no matter where you post it,as for breaking in/crimes..ive only committed crimes against humanity while leaving presents in explores

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my facebook isnt my real name, its only for urbex ing and the occasional political share oh and moosic; this way it also gets you out of the drama of your real name!, I post non-urbex stuffs too but never really anything personal.

Facebook is a tool, some have become tools of their tools.

Ive had pics stolen;If someone wants to steal your pics a watermark wont stop em.. it means your doing something right!!!

Different I supposse if its your bread and butter as for "crimes"....

Its all Civil here!!!!!!!

No really


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