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Asbestos on clothing?

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I am just starting my urban exploring but am quite worried about the asbestos risk. I am going to get a respirator so I'm not worried about breathing it in, but what about my clothes? Do you have to throw out your clothes every time you go to a location that has asbestos? If not, doesn't it stick on your clothing?

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It totally depends on the type of place you're visiting and what sort of asbestos. The most common white asbestos is almost totally harmless if it is undisturbed, but where it's been broken up you want to be careful. But as long as you don't eat it you won't suddenly keel over from a short period of exposure to white asbestos in a well ventilated area. Blue and brown asbestos is the really nasty stuff but a lot lot rarer to find in buildings. And don't forget asbestos was illegal in buildings built after 1980.

A respirator is a good idea for some places but don't get too bogged down in worry about the asbestos thing, I've been exploring for a number of years without one the majority of the time and to actually see broken up asbestos in places is pretty rare, it's mostly visible down in old service tunnels and underground areas. If you see something that looks like it might be broken up asbestos of course use caution but just get out and enjoy yourself :)

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Can only mirror what mookster says..ive crawled through service tunnels full of the stuff,dont disturb it or the such like and with common sense you will be fine,cloathing wise unless you are crawling literally thru broken asbestos boards or something i wouldnt worry

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The old West Park tunnels were the worst I ever did! Luckily it was so damp down there the chances of loose fibres floating around were minimal. To be honest you need to be more worried about pigeon shit and black mould, that stuff can be really nasty so worth keeping a good quality mask on you just in case.

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During the first half of the twentieth century, asbestos cement was widely used for construction. In many respects, it was the ideal building material: strong, fireproof, and a good insulator. Untold numbers of homes, schools, office buildings, naval ships, and other structures were built with linings of asbestos.

After World War II (1939–45), scientists discovered that asbestos fibers can cause a variety of respiratory disorders in humans, such as lung cancer and asbestosis, a pneumonia-like condition. Discovering the relationship between asbestos and these conditions took a long time; the disorders commonly do not appear until 20 years or more after a person is exposed to asbestos.

Individuals most at risk for asbestos-related problems are those continually exposed to the mineral fibers. This includes those who work in asbestos mining and processing as well as those who use the product in some other manufacturing line, as in the production of brake linings. Over the past two decades, massive efforts have been made to remove asbestos-based materials from buildings where they are especially likely to pose health risks, as in school buildings and public auditoriums. Recent critics of asbestos removal maintain that—if not done properly—the removal process actually intensifies the problem by spreading more asbestos fibers into the air.

Read more: http://www.scienceclarified.com/Al-As/Asbestos.html#ixzz3CztqLuUF



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