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I've not been there before either. As I understand it's cruical to have a good map or some other means of finding the way back out, at least. I haven't looked properly into it. Aljazeera.com had a story about it a week or two ago. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2014/03/paris-catacombs-redefine-underground-scene-201432212431192523.html

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I think first thing needed is a good, spesific description of entry point. At least one, preferably several options in case some is closed on arrival. I haven't asked around, but my guess is getting that would be the main obstackle. From there the rest should be doable :-)

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That's an interesting read for sure.

I can't see it being easy to find a willing guide or the dreaded access 'ask'. I'm going to pm a few people I know have been

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I've never been before, not sure if it's one of those places that's a big no no without a map of somesort?. I'm happy to split costs and even drive.

you will need a map,many supplies and it needs some serious research etc

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Oh god Yea..definitely aware of the gear needed I've done alot of stuff underground, enough to get lost in and managed to always find my way back out. But this is on a different scale altogether, witch is why I was hoping someone with experience in the coombs could help

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I have a map, the danger an risks can be high but with a map, plenty of water and food for a few days, plenty of batteries an spare torches, and a few other supplies, an ofcorse commensense an calculated risks...all should be fine. It's what exploring is all about... Can't wait to get down there

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    • By Himeiji
      In early 2018 we visited one of the new tunnels of Paris metro which for the moment (May 2018) is still under construction. Recently I was told that this place is no longer accessible due to active works that doesn't stop even at night, so I will publish some pictures. Btw, we managed to get in only from the 2nd try - there is a security guy walking around the construction site (on the street).
      The new tunnel is 2km long. We walked till the end and on the way back checked out the end of the active line. There were two trains. Soon we heard some noise (like if someone'd open a door) and left the place. 

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      This was originally an invite kindly offered by Mr Jobs for me and the wife,the wife had to decline due to ill health so i jumped at the chance of 3 days under paris with a bunch of strange chaps in waders.
      Was picked up by Maniac along with non member Mr perry to then head to dover to meet Bigjobs,Paradox,Fb,James and amy and then head out on the 2.15 ferry!
      Bit of car trouble and a sleep later we are all on our way into Paris to find our entry point.
      Once inside i have to say it was pretty full on with the pace and we spent the majority of the time on the march from one area to the next and from what i can gather we did some milage from the very north to the furthest south of this section with many stop off's in-between,i didnt have chance to grab as many pictures as i wanted to due to the camera being buried under the kit i took and for not wanting to hold the rest of the group up constantly setting up shots,and to be fair there is no real way to get my gear out safely when your ball deep in water.
      Really enjoyed this trip and the party nye was a great end to the night with some really decent people.
      Enough waffle and on with the pictures that i did manage to get..Just a final massive thanks to all concerned ,it was a great trip and one i wont forget in a hurry
      Pics in no particular order..

      People with maps who know where im going..

      Pic heavy alert

      And my favourite picture

      Thanks to all involved couldn't have imagined a more decent a way to spent NYE..
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      Various bits of cobbled together footage from exploring metro systems in London and overseas. (The end bit at Aldwych is an in-joke).

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      If you look at this write up from the Daily Fail
      Goussainville: Inside the French ghost town abandoned 40 YEARS AGO | Daily Mail Online
      Goussainville looks like a good explore. Since the Tupolev Tu-144 fell out of the sky onto the village it has been
      slowly depopulating, or so the article makes out.
      However I roll up after a long drive to find more cars than the M25 at 8.30 on a wet Monday morning.
      Cars are parked everywhere - not exactly deserted then.
      So I find the old mansion house,

      walk up the steps and look in.
      Don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else on this forum but I simply couldn't be arsed to climb in.
      Crap everywhere and mindless graff over every available and even hard to reach surface.

      Go round the back and was just as nonplussed

      & this is why people have moved on. Approx every 3 minutes..

      So I'm here now might as well look at the rest of the village.
      Here's an interesting door of a kind that seems to be repeated many,many times


      & bookseller

      Just round the corner I got into a rambling smashed up house. Room after wrecked room with discarded clothes & assorted garbage.
      Then upstairs I found a photo album of an African family, all in bright colours looking at the camera like startled rabbits.
      Why would anyone carry that all the way from Africa to France and leave it on the floor of some shit hole.
      I'd had enough. I couldn't take any pictures, the camera never came out of it's bag.
      Decay - fine, abject misery - sorry no thanks.................
      Rant over.