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Manoir DP...

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...is now a no go.

In much the same vein as what has happened at Chaise Abbey, this notice went up on the outside of Manoir DP in Belgium a few days back.


It reads...

Dear Urban Explorers, we have learned of your activities and your many trips through our house. Contrary to its appearance, this house is not abandoned. The house belonged to our grandparents, but due to problems with inheritance it has not yet been entrusted to us. As you will have seen the house still contains many treasured items, special to us. In these circumstances we would appreciate it if you did not consider this house one of your "spots". We have been tolerant up until this day but if we become aware of people continuing to visit this house we will need to take corrective measures and inform the police. We hope it doesn't need to go that far.

In my eyes this location is now off limits, we all enjoy nosing around big houses full of nice stuff but when it becomes personal like this there is a line crossed and it ceases to be 'urbex'. I hope others feel the same way, we must treat these places with respect at the end of the day.

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hallo an alle von wolfgangb914. Das Manoir DP ist wirklich ein Idyll, und das die zukünftigen Eigentümer nicht glücklich über das leerräumen ihres Erbes sind ist logisch. Traurig bin ich , das ich dieses Zeugniss einer vergangen Zeit und muß mich mit Photos von anderen zufrieden geben. Besser als nichts, das Häuschen ist zum verlieben. Gruß wolfgangb914.

Ps Besteht die Möglichkeit, sich mit den Erben kurz schließen um zu fragen ob mit deisen Personen zusammen das Objekt zu begehen und Photos zu machen.?

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      This ones a proper beauty. I'll be honest, the reason that this is currently uninhabited is because of an inheritance dispute, we were aware of this but did decide to visit and half of the places we visit are probably in this position. The house is pretty large and still choc full of interesting old furniture and other items. Architecturally it is also quite photogenic so there was a good mix here
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