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This one was fun and was worth the wait! At first we were having trouble getting in here, access that people had been using recently had been sealed but i'm not usually one to give up!

Eventually after about an hour of hanging around i'd done it :D (thanks Miz Firestorm). I love a good climb! And people wonder why i'm called SpiderMonkey!


For all their fame and social clout, the Harlechs seemed forever dogged by sadness, with three fatal car crashes, a suicide, financial distress and awful luck. The 46-year-old Tory peer is inviting offers of more than £5 million for the hall, considered to be one of the finest classical buildings of its generation.

However, it has been abandoned for 15 years and before that it was used as a telephone exchange.

Lord Harlech only inherited the title because his brother, Julian, committed suicide by shooting himself in a Fulham flat at 33. The circumstances were particularly tragic as his father, the ambassador to Washington who almost married Jackie Kennedy after her husband's assassination, inherited the title when his brother died after his car veered off a country lane, hitting a telegraph pole.

The sixth baron's mother, Sylvia or "Sissie", died in 1967 when her car skidded on a wet road and hit another vehicle. In another terrible coincidence, his father died in 1985 in a similar crash. Since his father's death, Lord Harlech's life has been one long struggle to make ends meet.

















Cheers for looking!


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You did well getting in by the sounds of it mate, great shots you've got here, really is a gem of a building and one that I fell a little bit in love with :thumb

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