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Curious George

Belgium 48 Hours in Belgium (2014)

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New member here, I thought I should share pictures from my Belgium tour.

First spot is the famous cooling tower, the place is HUGE and even with my 17-40mm on a full frame body it was hard to capture.

It was formerly used to provide electricity to 6 million people starting from 1930 and abandoned in 2006. Now it await it's destiny, demolition.


Where the wild things grow by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Cooling place by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

We didn't bother with the powerplant it self, too trashed for us.

Off we went to see Noisy, what a beauty. I really hope they abandon the idea of tearing this place down.

This was my main reason for going to Belgium, I saw the pictures a couple of months ago and decided I needed to visit it. So off we went!

I heard rumors about the owner shooting after explorers, but luckily we didn't encounter him - only two other explorers.

This place has a rich history, construction started in 1866 but wasn't finished until 1907.

The German troops occupied the castle during the Ardennen Offensive, and during 'The Battle of The Bulge' there should have been fighting on the property.

After the war National Railway Company of Belgium took it over and it was used as a orphanage.

It has been empty since 1991.

Unfortunately it is scheduled for demolition in 2014.


Adventure awaits by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Forgotten place by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


The party isn't over, we can still dance by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Spoiled Beauty by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


If only these walls could talk… by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Room with a view by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Hidden deep in the woods by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Fairy tale view by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Peeking from the treetops by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

We made our descend from Noisy to Congo, a place that seem to be forgotten, because I haven't been able to find any background story on this place.

The decay is very obvious, the place is literally falling apart, floors are giving in. So we only got one shot and left the place.


All things that have form eventually decay by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

We quickly gathered our stuff and left, heading for D'Ah, which was almost left untouched, the ceiling and wallpaper was beautiful.


Anybody home? by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Bear attack by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Intact beauty by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

I could probably have spend the rest of the day there.

We went on to the Christmas Home. I can only assume something happened here around christmas forcing it to be left for decay.

It was a surreal experience, seeing family photos scattered all over the place and coats still hanging in the entrance.


Christmas is the best time of the year by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

We went to visit Uncle Sam, out in the middle of nowhere in Belgium we came to find this, loads of old vehicles, tanks and artillery, dating all the way back from WWII (I think?),


We all live in a rusty submarine by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Next stop, Nowhere by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Long Forgotten by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Reporting for Duty by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

Thanks for visiting.

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Quality stuff, you definitely packed a lot in!

I really love Chateau Congo, even in the treacherous state it's in it just has something about it that I love. It was a lot better before most of the windows got boarded up though.

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Fair play spongebob, your first report is an absolute banger :D Welcome to the forum mate, look forward to seeing more squarepants reports :thumb

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I can't edit my post anymore, but I felt like I should add this.

I didn't notice it when I was there, but when I came home and looked at the picture I noticed it..

Upper left window :o


Mother Nature Reclaiming by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

Congo by name Jungle by nature, I understand how it got the name now!!

It looks amazingly overgrown in the summer, wasn't so much when I visited in December...

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I could imagine.

It looked like there had been a fire or so, the other two buildings on the land was collapsing in on itself. Not sure when it happened?

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I could imagine.

It looked like there had been a fire or so, the other two buildings on the land was collapsing in on itself. Not sure when it happened?

I'm not sure there was a fire, or if there was it was a long time ago - possibly when it was still an inhabited house. Which then led to it being abandoned, the roof got compromised and the whole lot started to collapse dramatically, that hole in the ceiling of the room with the sofa has grown alarmingly over the last couple of years from just a small hole at the edge of the ceiling. I've never seen anything like it before, such an extreme level of decay. Not to everybody's tastes but I loved it. I've seen photos of some of the upstairs rooms but at least by the time we got there we took one look at the landing off the spiral staircase and thought 'no way'...

The other theory is it was bought as a restoration project but abandoned after they realised it was too much work.

But as you say it's impossible to find any proper history on it so it's all guesswork really!

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