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La Bateau, Duke St, Liverpool

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La Bateau has been closed for a few months, coming on a year, the front looks like shit and they have recently put scaffolding up in order to begin refurbishment of the entire pub/venue. The scaffolding will make it so easy to gain entry as there is open windows on the second and third floors of the building so it would just be a case of gaining access without passersby noticing, maybe get in at dawn and start shooting? If anyone else has any info/previous entries/wants to come with I'd love to get my first explore under my belt!!!

La Bateau, Duke St, Liverpool, U.K.

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Sounds like you've got it figured out already, there's a Liverpool explorer called Wherever I May Roam on here who may be up for it with you? Send him a PM and see what he says, pretty sure he's up for all things Scouse! :thumb

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Yeah I was walking past Le Bateau and the door was open with builders inside so I have given up on that place, I also had my eye on the Joseph Heaps Rice Mill near the waterfront and after 20 - 30 minutes of scouring the outside of the building I found no easy entry. Again willing participants needed to help with this as I'd like to get in before they finally tear the place down. I was in the grounds early on this morning (23/07/2014) and this is one of a few pictures I took whilst there.


I haven't quite worked how to do the image embed on here so you will have to follow the link to my Flickr sorry.

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I think know the way in, I still wanna get in. Stanley Dock; what's it like sec. wise? Best time to visit?

Dunno,changed a lot down there since I last done it in back in 09.........As the North Warehouse ground floor is a bar now!!!!

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