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Curious George

Absalons GÃ¥rd - 2014

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Absalons G�rd in 1917.

Absalons G�rd is the former Hotel Bristol built in 1901-1902, it had 100 rooms and a 50 meter high tower. However, Hotel Bristol went under in 1917, everything were sold and the insurance company 'Absalon' brought the building - and changed the name to "Absalons G�rd".

It is still in function and is currently housing Copenhagens district court.

Now, for my pictures! :)


Absalons G�rd by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Town Hall by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

The Town hall.


Shopping Street by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

One of the busiest streets in Denmark. An estimated 250.000 people pass trough everyday.

Also the longest shopping street in the world.


Big brother is watching by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Big Brother is ALWAYS watching by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

What a weird place to put a camera :D?


Must build... by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

The Metro construction site and a few well known Danish buildings.


Peaceful street by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

The shopping street at night, nicely lit up from all the neon signs.


Politiken by spongeboburbex, on Flickr


Obligatory picture by spongeboburbex, on Flickr

//Spongebob is out! :)

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This is cool George, or can I stil call you Bob lol? Always love seeing something new and you've taken some fab shots of those views :thumb

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