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    • By KnM
      My first post to this forum.
      Today we visited a factory somewhere in Belgium. 
      It used to be a plant where soda but mostly water was bottled and then prepared for distribution to grocery stores in Belgium and surrounding countries. 
      The factory stopped being productive because of  a severe collapse of the roof. 
      We didn't have any hightech-equipment so I used my iPhone to make some pics. enjoy!




    • By Rik
      Don't believe I had created my own thread had certainly replied to a few but here goes!
      Rik in Hertfordshire, a few people will know me on Facebook as well
      First explore posted the other week on here.
      Getting old this month! big FOUR ZERO!
      IT Geek, mainly Microsoft, Part time IT consultant and work in a sales Job part time as well, looking to going completely Freelance soon and dump the sales job! (Would be nice!)
      Anyway enough ramblings and love this place, great site
      If you need any help or assistance with anything IT particularly Microsoft, feel free to give me a shout!