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I put this on the facebook group.

Recently, my old man flew 2 Radio 4 journalists in his balloon and was interviewed to discuss how he feels people focus on photographs, thus experiencing the event already second hand instead of the odd momento photograph.

Skip to 8:10 for the interview. Its certainly an interesting topic as too many times I have focused on taking photos instead of enjoying an experience.


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Being an air-balloonist sure beats sitting in an office all day thats for sure!

I have some sympathy with the view that people miss things by continuously being on the phone or taking pictures, but since taking up photography more regularly I tend to find I see or notice more things because I'm in the mindset of looking for a shot (even when I don't have my camera with me) and that adds to the experience.

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Very true, I've reflected many times that I don't feel the experience enough as I'm too pre-occupied looking through the viewfinder. I try to have a wander first before getting it out of the bag, although sometimes I'm also thinking 'get some shots done ffs in case someone saw you getting in!!'

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I like to come away with something to remind me of a place and nothing does that better for me than the photos, it doesn't help that I have a memory like a sieve. Once inside a site my priority is to get some snaps in case I get turfed out 2 minutes later, once I've got a few I'm happy with I tend to relax and take in the experience more. Also agree with Overarch though that when taking photos certain things catch your eye that otherwise might have been overlooked.

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