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UK Midland Bank Headquarters, London - September 2014

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The former London headquarters of Midland Bank, a Grade I-listed property designed by Edwin Lutyens and John Alfred Gotch and built in 1925, is soon to be turned into a boutique hotel. The imposing building, in the heart of the Square Mile, was vacated six years ago by HSBC, which bought Midland in 1992. It has since operated as a branch of NatWest and as a filming location for Channel 4's game show The Bank Job. It's vaults also appeared in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. The sequence in which it appeared sees the Bond villain Oddjob meet his demise. The main hall was at one time the largest bank hall in Europe. The new hotel will be part of the Soho House group, which owns a string of private members' clubs (some with accommodation), restaurants and stand-alone boutique hotels. The large building will feature 255 rooms, as well as restaurants, bars, spa and gym facilities and a swimming pool. Work is now well under way so I was really lucky to see this when I did, I saw an opportunity and I seized it. I hope you enjoy the pics, they were all taken handheld in the space of about 5 minutes.


















Thanks for looking :D

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Again great to see some cracking locations coming from those in the City as so much to do and see.

London with its level of Cctv and the Police responce time being minutes and with dedicated air cover with FLIR changes the whole game.

Also the turn around rate on the property is so quick at times and a great job done getting in :D

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