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    • By FoblisMedia
      Hey Guys,
      a long time has passed since my last post .
      but I 'm here at last something new for you . I have to deal with the forum myself more .
      I hope as always enjoy the pictures and you write a few comments .
      have a nice day

    • By oldskool
      Ok a little meet up in London on the cards .......Myself & Critical Mass joined Andre Govia,Odins Raven,Subversive & D-kay(after a nightmare tube trip) exchanged gifts and pleasantries and headed of to the first location .On arrival i asked , what is this place ?? mutter snigger shudder was the reply, emmmm ok
      Ive seen this location many times on facebook but not in any reports ( stories of heavy security and dogs ) i offered to do a solo recce of the site .......Power cables , boarded windows , freshly cut timber and plaster board all pointed in the direction of renovation ....
      Lets do it anyway .....walking around we were aiming for one room our only place of interest but it was full of building materials ans scaffold (meh) sack it off lets get our of here
      wtf is this room all about ...............









      Urbex Numptys

      Thanks for looking