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Has or does anyone here have any idea where the photograph for the Black Sabbath 1 album cover was done. The one of the spooky mill with the mill pond & bracken & the girl in black. The band don't know, nor does the record company. I know this is a long shot but who else can you ask? It's probably gone seeing as it was done late '60's but maybe one of you have come across it exploring something else & thought where have I seen that place before? I would love to see/photograph it if at all possible. Any information gratefully received & sorry if this request contravenes any protocols. If you actually know where it is please PM me. Thanks

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Mapledurham Mill, Mapledurham, Oxfordshire.

A mill was already present at Mapledurham at the time of the Domesday Book. The central section of the current mill building dates back to the 15th century. Originally the mill had a single water wheel, on the river side of the building. The mill was increased in size in the 1670s, and a leat was constructed to drive a second water wheel on the village side. It is this second wheel which is still in use today.

In 1690 the mill was leased to James Web for the sum of £60 per year. Around 1700 he expanded the mill again, to allow him to install the equipment to produce the refined flour that was becoming popular. His son Daniel Webb took over from him in 1726 at a rent of £100. In 1747, Thomas Atrum took over the mill at a rent of £150 p.a. in 1747, which was raised to £205 in 1776. In 1777 a barn was added on the mill island, and a wharf built to allow the mill to supply flour to the London market by barge. However by 1784 Thomas Atrum was bankrupt.

The mill continued to flourish, and as late as 1823 plans were drawn up to rebuild the mill in classical style. The advent of cheap imported flour from North America damaged the mill's prosperity, but it remained in use until just after the Second World War. It was restored and brought back into use in 1980.

The mill building is best known, and has gained worldwide recognition, for being featured on the cover of the eponymous 1970 debut album of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

The watermill is also known for its starring role in the 1976 film of The Eagle Has Landed, where the mill leat is the scene of the dramatic rescue of a local girl by a German paratrooper that results in the unmasking of Steiner and his men.

The mill appears in the introductory credits to the BBC television programme, Richard Hammond's Blast Lab, as the supposed hidden location of the underground lab.

A body is discovered at the mill in Midsomer Murders, Season 7, episode 3 (The Fisher King).

That is easily my favourite Black Sabbath album, would love to see this mill even though it's been restored.

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Thanks so much for that.

Mapledurham - ha ha actually been there in the 90's - did a crap (for us) craft show with my Mrs. I vaguely remember a mill & poking about round it but would have never sussed it was That mill.

Looking at some of the pictures on Google Earth I do recognise the shape & wooden upper story but it's so tame manicured & neat. I can only think the original shot was done while it was derelict & taken with Ektachrome infra red slide film & cropped to bring up the grain. Bummer!

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