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I believe that the image or images were already posted so its either have them removed or credited, I guess SK went for the second option.

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It would always be nice if people asked to use images for what ever their use but in this instance as not tabloid /agency abuse or plagiarism I won’t be loosing any sleep over it as in addition they are old shots of a location now yet again sealed by those who exploit what we do for their commercial ends.

Im not in the business of selling images and I don’t consider myself a Photographer.

Its not what I do or why I do it.

If others choose to rake the bins to take others images to gain hits on their sites simply tells me all I need to know.

My stand point is clear if you sell to the media or other commercial outlets for personnel gain and in doing so close the doors to those locations to any wishing to follow makes them selfish wankers and not worth the steam off the piss of those who actually contribute locations.

Urban Exploration is abused by many non contributing to earn a living from it these days.

I view it as having a free loading parasite on people’s backs.

Back in the day photographers use to have to pay Location scouts and agencies.

UE to a certain extent is now a soup kitchen for free loading tramps who are earning well through doing so.

They don’t contribute anything other posting locations of others and use the locations shared through net working and marketing those images shared to build a shallow credibility and trade them.

Some talk of Urbex Police and the likes when the reality is so many are so very willing to share once know you are genuine.

So yes there’s a level of acceptance and trust required to be built up over time.

It has nothing to do with elitism and why shouldn’t people ask who the hell others are?

They moan about the politics and dramas in the community yet they are the ones that bring them.

Anyway back to sport :P

Edited by skeleton key

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Well said SK, don't see a problem with it, just like someone sharing your pic on facebook, this will prob only get fewer views.

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