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Agnus Dei

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I live nearby. I haven't heard anything. Also, before you can build or demolish anything around here, you need to get a permission from the building authority, which involves putting up big ass yellow placards with official information to notify the public and give them a chance to file objections. Haven't seen those yellow things either.

Sounds more like someone removed(/stole?) the benches, because they go for quite some money in antique shops and even Ebay.

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Its a shame, but for me it wasnt a real urbex location though. While i was vissiting this place i never was alone, the second time there were like 10 people inside, including 6 models.

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    • By oldskool
      A stunning little Church in the country side of Belgium ...although a little drab on first appearance because of the lack of light and a miserable day outside (doom and gloom)....This little gem turned out to be a winner


      Visited with Critical Mess, Odbin Ravin and Coughed Up......









      Thanks for looking .....Mr.Oldskool

    • By Andy
      A short stop; visited with Miaro Digital on our this year's Italy-tour.
      Built between the 17th and 18th centuries, the small Italian church was seat of a parish in the mid-19th century.
      Since 1960 it has been hardly used. In the early 1980s, a wedding was performed here the last time, in 1990 the church was already documented as "neglected".








    • By Rolo
      When we arrived on this location we heard a lot of noise coming from inside the church, didn't know what to think of it so we slowly walked through the house towards the church. To discover the noise was comming from a generator. Turns out there were some people doing a photoshoot, with lights and topless guys with bodypaint.....Ok We decided to explore the house first and wait until they were gone. But after 40 minutes or so they were stil there. So we stepped up to them and asked whats up. So my friend spoke to them (Germans), and agreed that we could go in and take some shots. So we did and left after 15 minutes.






      https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157648513146947/
    • By extreme_ironing
      Dropped by here with The_Raw, Sentinel, and 3 non-members. People call it Agnus Dei but I can't find any distinct reason for that tbh. Beyond the Chapel which lies on the roadside, there's also a small hospital complex at the rear which has been partially gutted by fire, really dodgy floors here!
      Stained glass in the chapel was in great condition overall apart from those on the road facing side which were smeared with pollution. Building was a bit leaky but quite well preserved apart from that, a good amount of peely paint.

      External of the chapel and the smashed up remains of a previous exploring groups minivan.

      A composite photo of 5 of the windows which were in better condition.

      Chapel interior.


      A small room to the side of the alter, rain was falling heavily through the roof at this moment.

      Part of the hospital area.

      An old chair and TV set in the hospital part of the complex.

      One of several remaining hospital beds.

      A bank? O.o

      Heading back to the van after the storm abated. Some cyclist explorers also joined us mid way thru.

      I hadn't seen anything but the chapel at this place before so was a nice surprise to see there's a bit more to this place. Would love to find out more about it's history but doubt that'd be easy without a name to go by...
      Thanks for reading.