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UK Lincoln Cathedral Roof, Lincolnshire - (Jun 2014) Jan 2015

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Lincoln Cathedral Roof

The Explore

A considerable amount of planning, recce'ing and good old fashioned snooping went into this one. Myself and Matt_Inked had been chatting about the possibilities of pulling this one off for quite a while. During a recent recce trip we were only expecting to confirm that it couldn't be done due to the immense about of CCTV around the place and rather high barricades. Literally 5 or 6 hours of walking around the Cathedral over several different days and a lot of time sittting in the car just staring up at the roof almost was enough send us on our ways defeated. But no, an oppurtunity presented itself and we returned a few days later for the entry and climb, then the ass-twitching descent....

The Recce's

14474963856_e424ea4f4e.jpg 14311606327_380db42f0c.jpg

14311610037_3416df8171.jpgWestern Elevation14496876522_c930ef0de5.jpg

Brief History

Lincoln Cathedral is a cathedral located in Lincoln in England and seat of the Bishop of Lincoln in the Church of England. Building commenced in 1088 and continued in several phases throughout the medieval period. It was reputedly the tallest building in the world for 238 years (1311–1549). According to the cathedral website, over £1 million a year is spent keeping the cathedral in shape; the most recent project completed has been the restoration of the West Front in 2000, and a matrix of tall scaffolding is slowly making its way around the building...

Top 'o' the scaff



















As always, thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated :thumb

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Looks epic mate, did something similar up north and it was really amazing to get so close to that architecture that you normally only see from the ground. Good work :thumb

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Cheers mate. Yeah it was good to get up there, and isn't scaffolding so flipping noisy when you're trying to be quiet lol?!

There's a higher section of scaff that i've been keeping an eye on, next time i need to get some decent camera night settings from someone as i was winging it for this one haha

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