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USAF/RAF Mildenhall, Alconbury and Molesworth

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Yep this has been under discussion for some time now and will be a blow to the areas economy but not as much as they seam to make out.

The US bases were very self sufficient and container shipped or flew in most of their required supplies.

A friend of mine he came out of the USAF and as had married a girl from the UK wanted to stay so secured a job managing what they called a commissary, which is like a big supermarket on the base.

He use to sign me into Mildenhall and Alconbury when I was over that way and was great to go shopping.

They are very well equipped with bowling alleys, cinemas, Loads of fast food restaurants and depending on size so much more to make them feel at home.

They have a number of hospitals in the UK and it will be interesting to see if the reduction of personnel will effect any of them?

But they are set to expand with the introduction of the F-35 fighters at nearby RAF Lakenheath from 2020,

Plus the RAF is due to base their F-35B Lightning II fighters at Marham in Norfolk.

It looks like its going to be another phased closed down for Mildenhall, Alconbury and Molesworth with a completion date for 2019. :thumb


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Yeah i know what you mean mate about the local economy and you've hit the nail on the head there. Having spent a bit of time myself in these bases, some in the UK and some all over the place, you're definitely right - our american friends like their home comforts. I remember even spending dollars and buying american kit-kats (which aren't as nice haha). They even ship their own cars over. Unlike when RAF Coltishall closed in 2006, it really hit the local community quite hard, i think even the little petrol station outside camp closed and house prices dropped due to the rumours of the site being used as failed-immigration detention centre. Hopefully the impact of these USAF bases closing won't affect the locals as much. But when they do close, DERPFEST :)

About the Lightning II, I think Marham might even start taking delivery in 2018, but as with Typhoon it'll probably take a few years for them to do anything other than airshows lol.

That's interesting what you said about the hospital side if things too... maybe they'll build an uber Med centre at lakenheath and close a few of their smaller ones? DERPALICIOUS! :cool:

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This is all very interesting and for some fresh meat to the scene.

Having mooched around Upper Heyford, it was a strange experience to see so many Americanism's, for example the dollers at the petrol pump, lots of baseball courts and American named streets - all in rural Oxfordshire. Quality too - the hospital was full of alluminium medical cabinets as opposed to cheap woodchip ones found in NHS hospitals.

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