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Germany Hotel S - Oct 2014

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This old hotel is epic, so much so these are from the second shoot last October.

15530942491_d82ec92fde_z.jpgDSC_4952 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

15533653675_0cfffe5efb_z.jpgDSC_4943 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

15530942591_7a7f0e6813_z.jpgDSC_4919 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

15348006040_73b48d01e3_z.jpgDSC_4868 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

15348006130_aa406bf1b2_z.jpgDSC_4841 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

I could have spent hours in here going through all the old documents, new papers and magazines, from the 30' 40's 50's

14913467413_5b708a7d74_z.jpgDSC_4792 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

This room is the only place you can get a signal, even outside its not possible.

15530943331_42beb362a5_z.jpg_COZ3666 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

15281515970_4b9b9d981c_z.jpgTill bar by cozmicberliner, on Flickr

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    • By .Gh0ast
      Somewhere in Germany, in a quiet park, lie those beautiful Tanks.
      Quiet park ? Not really, a military barrack nearby often throws training in this park, as the sign explained us kindly. 😂

      We were lucky enough to dodge those training, even if i'm pretty sure it doesn't happen more than once a month, but still.

      We were not able to find which type of tanks it was, i read on the internet that it could be some M40 Patton or M41 Walker Bulldog,
      but i'm skeptical, as both of them were produced in the early 50's and were used in vietnam war and korea war, far from Germany.
      And, as they were demilitarized and trashed, the clues were hard to find.

      However, it was like a scene of war, one Tank crashed near a tree, another one half buried, very dramatic.
      Even if it was a short one, it was a very good exploration, with a lot of interesting light and very cool models.

    • By Light-worx
      An abandoned beacon in the baltic sea. There are two of it. One 1000m and the other one in 4000m distance from the runway.
      Ther were used to enlarge the range of the runway ...so the pilots could navigate easier to the short runway.
      Build and used by the NVA. The army of the former GDR... (DDR).




























    • By urbexdevil
      Being a regular at the Nurburgring and this place being brought to my attention by a non explorer, the perfect opportunity after a day of storms arose!
      Putting this one off all week with temperatures reaching the 30s, the moment came on a somewhat stormy day to check this place out, taking full advantage of the slightly cooler – yet humid air.
      My first explore out of the UK too which made for something special, despite being a derp it was still something different and unique for myself in comparison to the UK.
      There’s not much left of the place and the history is scarce, however it looks as though work began rebuilding the place but the cost of development was a spanner in the works.
      The basement also contained a septic tank which is no longer allowed in the region, combining that with the nearest sewer being some distance away making development even more expensive.










    • By teddybear
      This one was visited on my latest trip through Germany.
      This was the water treatment facility of a power plant. That power plant is already gone. There were also some outdoor water basins ,but they were well overgrown.
      The  only thing I took from this facility were several mosquito's bites.
      IMG_0345-bewerkt by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0337 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0376 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0366-HDR by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0408 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0394 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_0364-bewerkt-bewerkt by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr