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skeleton key

£90.000 in Cash found In Derelict Building

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See the full story here.


So what would you do in this situation?


The moral compass is kicking in regarding balencing up the rights and wrongs of it all.


Then end game being do you tell the missus of the find and slip her a few quid?


Or do you make a run for it lol.


Oh well back to sport and all that :P


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    • By The Urban Collective
      Smudges 1st ever photographic report - may 2018
      Smudges has been known by numerous other names over the years from The Crofters Arms Hotel to McGees to Moghuls Palace but has always retained it's charm and character.
      A true time capsule rotting away in the heart of Bolton. Featuring some stunning hand-carved bars and one of two of this type of revolving doors that exist the other located in a grand hotel in London.
      The Urban Collective
      We Film It...




























      Thank you for checking out my pics guys!
      The Urban Collective
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    • By Lavino
      A early morning meet in Liverpool with @GK-WAX to try a few locations around the city that resulted in a few fails but can wait for another day. Then we decided on littlewoods.this one I have tried before with @telf and @whoopashooppa  but didn't manage to get far so roll on a few years and I'm back again. Last time it was a bit of a fort knox so wasn't expecting to find a way in. Now yes it's stripped out but I enjoyed it especially up on centre tower roof on a sunny morning. So here's some history and photos.
      Architectural charity SAVE Britain’s Heritage welcomes new plans to save Liverpool’s most prominent Art Deco landmark, the huge white Littlewoods building that dominates the city’s eastern approach.
      Built in 1938 for Littlewoods’ famous football pools, the tall central clock tower and streamlined concrete profile are visib le far across Liverpool. The building housed the giant printing presses that sent millions of pools coupons across the country every week, to player s dreaming of winning a golden ticket.
      photos from SAVE Britain’s Heritage
      The National Lottery superseded the football pools, and the building has lain derelict for over a decade. English Heritage refused an application to list the structure and two redevelopment schemes have fallen victim to the recession. Earlier this year, local press reports warned that demolition was becoming increasingly likely as the structure fell into decline .
      SAVE responded by drawing national media and ministerial attention to the building’s importance , owned by the Homes and Communities Agency. SAVE P resident Marcus Binney accu sed N ational Regeneration A gencies of indifference to the building’s demonstrable architectural and historic significance.
      T he building was seen by sev eral million viewers when SAVE Deputy D irector Rhiannon Wicks appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show in S eptember with Dan Snow, to highlight its plight .
      Now Manchester based developers Capital & Centric Plc have announced their intention s to buy the building . They are submit ting a planning application to Liverpool City Council to convert it into a hotel wi th commercial space.
      The new proposal, drawn up by Shedkm Architects , would see £16 million of private sector money invested in the refurbishment project , which could start on site summer 2013 . The project is thought to have won financial support from the mayoral City Deal fund. SAVE salutes the Mayor’s positive achievement in working with national government and the private sector in response to public opinion to secure the future of this important building.
      DSC_3040 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr
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    • By Riding Japan
      Urban exploration in Japan is called Haikyo which is also the word "ruin" as far as i know.
      I ve made a few videos and i d like to share them here.
      please have a look and tell me what u think.
      PS: why is there no flag tag thingy for japan xD
    • By The Urban Collective
      A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street.
      Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall.
      The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well as Prudential themselves. And the basement club was once a Berni inns restaurant (Cafe Monico)
      a chain that served a post-war British public such delight's as sherry schooners steak and chips and black forest gateau as well as becoming a dance club in the 90's.
      We had a wonderful two hours in this grade two listed time capsule. Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the explore.
      Thanks for any feedback
      The Urban Collective
      We Film It...