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Deserted Prussian Fort IX

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Hi Guys,

Here is the GoPro footage from our Exploration of the Prussian Fort "Fort IX - Lager Hitler" in Germany .

Hope you'll like it. ;)

The Picset is following soon.

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    • By Andy
      The infantry base Wolfsberg is a small part of the bigger fortress Kellermann, part of the "Group Fortification Lorraine". It was built in 1904 - 1906.
      Visited with @The_Raw, @extreme_ironing & @Maniac.











    • By vanishing days
      Explored with misses vanishing days
      weird little place great little explore
      Grain Dummy Fort was built and then rebuilt in 1905 the fort was prone to subsidence and there was many problems with the construction. the fort has a ditch full of water in front of it but there is no refernce of the fort ever being in use in eiter ww1 or 2 unfortunately theres been some form of arson or fire atack by chavs.

      often wonderd was this the entrance to the long fabled tunnels to the tower fort

      theres also lots of these dotted around

    • By HitGirl
      Explored with 2 non members
      Hubberstone Fort

      Scoverton Fort

    • By Wevsky
      Visited with Obscurity and Storm
      Nice relaxed day lots of walking and a moment where we may have been told off for slipping under/between a conveyor belt..Nice little food break up top and no drams,Just a pleasant explore,and i love this place,allways looked at the pics just never got round to doing it,so when Obscurity said his plans had changed did i fancy a day out i jumped at it...
      Borrowed history from underground kent
      Built in the 1860�s, Cliffe Fort is one of the three Thames Side Forts that were designed to defend that Thames Estuary. It was also built to work in conjunction with Coalhouse Fort in Essex to prevent a hostile fleet reaching London via the Thames.
      Construction of the fort was difficult due to the marshy ground that the fort is built on; cracking and subsidence caused many problems for the men working on the fort. More surprisingly, this marshy ground was also home to malaria mosquitoes, which made life even more difficult for the construction work.
      The fort was designed solely to cater for the armament of the day and the guns that were installed on Cliffe Fort were 12.5� and 11� RML�s, weighing around 35 tons. Protection of these guns was provided by granite faced casemates with shields for added defence. These shields, casemates and the rails on which the gun carriages stood are all still visible today.
      In 1885, Cliffe Fort became the site for an experimental harbour defence system known as the �Brennan Torpedo�. This was the world�s first wire guided missile. Originally there were two sets of launching rails, but only one remains today. As progressive as this system was at the time, it was replaced 25 years later in favour of quick-firing (QF) guns.
      Cliffe Fort remained armed throughout both World Wars, but was sold after the end of the Second World War to a local cement company. As a result of this, the fort has sadly been neglected and has fallen into a fairly advanced state of decay.
      On with some pics

      ne from a few Months back
    • By urbanginger
      Fort Burgoyne well where to start. Attempted this one a few months back with no luck just wandered around in the dark for a few hours trying to get down into the moat. Anyway we gave up and i decided it was time for another go. So with the assistance of my brother in law Andy( he has yet to be christianed with an explorerers alias)we set of into the darkness.
      Now i wont take all the credit for entry as i did have a few pointers a few months back from Wevsky and Space Invader. Cheers guys.
      So anyway we got into the moat after about 40 mins wandering around and then proceded to try and find are way into the fort itselfs. After a bit more searching we found what looked like our way in so off we went. Alot of climbing and heading off in one direction to find it was the wrong way we found ourselves overlooking the parade ground. Jackpot.
      So here we go with some pics, there not great as im still practicing and the last few are taken with flash as my camera batteries were dying. brand new duracells too lol.
      Well anyway here they are

      Thanks for looking